Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 40mk2 – Revolutionising the Rugged Device Market with AI

The Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 40mk2’s AI-enabled Intel® processor and enhanced connectivity brings AI processing at the edge to the market-leading rugged notebook, vastly improving efficiency for mobile field service workers.


written by: Dirk Weigelt, Senior Product & Solutions Manager, Panasonic TOUGHBOOK

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Enabling real-time data processing and analysis

Edge AI is the deployment of AI applications and models in devices throughout the physical world, where AI computation or processing is undertaken at the ‘edge’ of the network via the device, close to where the data is located, rather than centrally. Edge AI enables real-time data processing and analysis without relying on cloud infrastructure or on-premises data centres. 

It can be used with mobile and field devices, sensors and/or Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This enables mobile field service workers to be far more efficient and accurate. For example, in truly remote locations, workers no longer need to rely on a reliable network connection to take advantage of AI and all the benefits it delivers. 


Breaking boundaries in the rugged device market

Panasonic is always looking to innovate and break boundaries. We have just launched the second iteration of our market-leading rugged notebook, the TOUGHBOOK 40mk2 – the first TOUGHBOOK to feature an AI-enabled Intel® processor alongside enhanced connectivity and graphics performance. 

Its standalone AI capabilities, which no longer require network connectivity, will significantly enhance productivity for field service workers by helping to analyse faults, provide information and complete administrative tasks far more quickly. These AI capabilities are underpinned by amazing graphic performance, with our rugged notebooks offering AI edge processing on Windows 11 Pro, utilising the Intel® Core™ Ultra 5 and Ultra 7 processors. Both processors feature a dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU) that enables data to be collected, stored, and analysed using AI, without uploading and downloading data through a connection to the cloud, and without affecting the device’s overall performance and processing power. 

The TOUGHBOOK 40mk2’s AI processing capabilities are particularly useful for remote field service workers and military personnel – especially those inspecting equipment in remote locations that may not have access to a cellular or wireless connection. This helps to increase efficiency and reduce human errors in data capture. 


Delivering market-leading ruggedness, modularity and battery performance 

To put this into context, field service workers who have access to wiring diagrams and schematics on their device can combine AI-enabled computer vision technology with the device’s camera to accurately show where wiring connections should be. Furthermore, the NPU can be used to automatically generate inspection reports, saving significant administrative time and resources in the field. 

The TOUGHBOOK 40mk2 is better connected than ever before and includes the latest Intel® Wi-Fi 7 BE200 specification, allowing field workers to take advantage of reliable, super-fast transfers of data when back in the office. The TOUGHBOOK 40mk2 still features the same market-leading ruggedness, modularity and battery power, providing the modern mobile worker with a balanced solution, regardless of the task, application or environment.


Driving productivity increases 

Our recent research highlighted how Computer Vision technology is expected to drive productivity increases of 42% in the next three years. With the TOUGHBOOK 40mk2, field service workers in sectors such as repair and maintenance; production line monitoring; and quality control and inspection can realise AI’s potential with a future-proof rugged device.

It is amazing to see the endless capabilities that AI can deliver. The TOUGHBOOK 40mk2 delivers AI processing at the edge in the harshest and toughest environments. It broadens the use and application of AI across key sectors, revolutionising what mobile field service workers can achieve. The TOUGHBOOK 40mk2 is a real game-changer.

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