The SQE1 Series is a premium professional display for around the clock operation in corporate and public information areas. The CQE1 Series is perfect for cost effective use in classrooms and signage in retail and hospitality.

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Bracknell, UK. 13th October 2020 – Panasonic has announced the availability of two new Series of 4K UHD LCD displays. The SQE1 Series is a versatile line-up of advanced professional displays designed for around the clock operation to provide public information or retail signage or for use in a conference meeting environment. The CQE1 Series is a business level line-up of displays with exceptional 4k picture quality designed for the meeting and classroom, retail and hospitality industry.

The SQE1 Series: Built for 24/7 reliable operations

Refreshing the current SQ1 range, the SQE1 Series is a high-end collection of bright and durable 4K UHD LCD displays with added wi-fi capability and a feature-packed range of functionality. With seven different LCD panel sizes to choose from, ranging from 98 inches to 43 inches, the SQE1 Series delivers superb 500 cd/m2 brightness for clear viewing in large indoor spaces. The portrait display mode enables information to be displayed flexibly and clearly in a retail or public information environment. The IPS viewing panel ensures information and images can be seen crisply, even when viewed from a side angle.

The SQE1 Series is designed and built for the needs of 24/7 operations in public environments such as retail and commercial operations, as well as train stations, airports and other transport hubs. Its connectivity and content display options also make the series ideal for modern meeting rooms, lectures and presentations.

Designed for easy collaboration

The Series has a host of display and connectivity options to ensure content can be quickly and conveniently shared via a range of future-proofed methods.

Panasonic was the first to incorporate Intel® Smart Display Module (SDM) capabilities into its 4K high-resolution LCD displays. The SQE1 Series includes the Intel® SDM slot bringing intelligence and interoperability to its sleek design. It can be used for a variety of different business functions. These include as a built-in PC for digital signage and as a terminal board for broadcast and events.

The SQE1 Series, and previous SQ1 Series, can also be used exclusively with the terminal board (Intel® SDM) type receiver designed for use with Panasonic’s new Wireless Presentation System, called PressIT. Available in November 2020, PressIT enables easy screen collaboration with just a single press of a button on a transmitter. There is no need for software/driver installation or network connection and it can deliver video and audio signals from PCs, iOS/Android[1], and mobile devices.

When a completely cable-less 4K solution is preferred, free from any dongle on the meeting table, the SDM Slot can also be used to fully integrate WolfVision’s Cynap Pure BYOD wireless presentation solution inside the SQE1 displays. This flexible system is compatible with all operating systems – supporting AirPlay®, Miracast™ and Chromecast™ screen mirroring protocols, and provides many configuration and remote management options.

And many more display and connectivity options

Lastly, content can be displayed directly from the screen, without the need for a connected set-top box, using the HTML5 Android web browser or the USB media player functionality that supports 4K/60p signals. It is also possible to stream video, presentations and photos directly from a Windows PC with one-to-one wireless communication using Wireless Display.

When connecting external devices, the Series comes equipped with HDMI terminals, a DisplayPort (In/Out) that can be daisy-chained for the simultaneous display of 4K images and a USB Type-C for connecting mobile devices. These are available alongside standard Serial, USB, LAN, VGA/PC and audio terminals and built-in speakers.

The CQE1 Series for retail display, meetings and classrooms

Perfect for cost efficient use in meetings or classrooms and for displaying attractive images and signage in the retail and hospitality sector, the CQE1 Series is an all-round professional range of 4K UHD LCD displays. Available in seven models, from 98-inch to 43-inch sizes, the Series delivers 4K picture quality and an excellent viewing experience from any position in the room with its clear IPS display with 400 cd/m2 brightness (98 inch model has 500 cd/m2 brightness). Built for everyday use, the Series boasts a 16 hours a day continuous operation capability delivering both reliability and value for money. The largest, 98 inch model, is designed for 24/7 operational use.

The Series is equipped with a variety of connectivity options to make it versatile for a wide range of needs. Display content, such as signage, directly from the screen using the HTML5 browser or by using the USB media player functionality, supporting 4K/60p signals. Video, presentations and photos can be shared directly from a Windows PC using Wireless Display.

The CQE1 Series is also compatible with PressIT, when connected to the Set-top-box receiver version of Panasonic’s new Wireless Presentation System.

Alternatively, the variety of terminals can be used to connect external devices to the displays. These include 4 x HDMI terminals, supporting HDMI CEC to allow the display and connected devices to be operated together; USB Type-C for connecting mobile devices, as well as Serial, USB, LAN, PC and audio terminals and built-in speakers.

Both Panasonic Series are available from November 2020 (depending on display size). Click here for more information on the Panasonic SQE1 Series. Click here for more information on the Panasonic CQE1 Series.

[1] Android requires an app.

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