1-Chip DLP Laser, 2000 lumens, XGA, lighting projection

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Key features

Projection with a laser light source (20,000 hours with limited maintenance)
Spotlight-shaped to fit any space requiring high-level design
Automatic image/movie playing via SD memory card, Wi-Fi from a PC / tablet or using an HDMI connection
Adjustable structure to deliver light in wide direction

Specifications table

Power SupplyPT-JX200HBU/JX200HBW : AC 120V 50/60Hz PT-JX200GBE/JX200GWE/JX200GBD/JX200GWD : AC 100 - 240V 50/60Hz
Power ConsumptionPT-JX200HBU/JX200HBW : 240W(2.3A) PT-JX200GBE/JX200GWE/JX200GBD/JX200GWD : 240W(2.7 - 1.1A) Standby: 0.4W[HBU/HWU] 0.5W[GBE/GWE/GBD/GWD] in Eco mode Standby: 0.5W[HBU/HWU] 0.7W[GBE/GWE/GBD/GWD] in Network mode, Standby: 12 W in Normal mode (when fan is stopped ) PT- JX200HBU/JX200HWU (Standby(in Eco mode):0.4W, Standby(in Network mode):0.5W) PT- JX200GBE/JX200GWE/JX200GBD/JX200GWD (Standby(in Eco mode):0.5W, Standby(in Network mode):0.7W)
DLP® Chip0.55 (For screen aspect ratio of 4:3) DLP® chip x1, DLP® method 786,432 pixels (equivalent to XGA)
LensPowered zoom (1.3 - 2.9:1), Powered focusing method F=2.0 - 2.7, f=15.2 mm - 32.7 mm
Light SourceLaser Diode (Laser class: Class 1*) *Class 3R for North America . Luminance life for set: 20,000 hours at half luminance
Screen Size0.76- 5.08 m (30 -200 inches) (4:3 aspect ratio)
Brightness*12,000 lumens
Center-to-Corner Uniformity*180%

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