No cables, dongles or set-top boxes needed. All you have to do is present.

Fully Integrated Wireless Presentation System

Panasonic SQ1 displays with Wolfvision’s BYOD wireless screen sharing solution built in

Key features

Simple integration
Flexible BOYD
4K UHD resolution
100% data encryption
Easy installation

No cables, dongles or set-top boxes needed. All you have to do is present.

Completely cable-free presentations

In a world first, Panasonic has fully integrated WolfVision’s Cynap Pure BYOD wireless presentation solution into its SQ1 displays by utilising the Intel® SDM slot. The result is a unique and unified wireless presentation solution that requires neither software installation nor set-top boxes or dongles. No cabling, no additional applications, no driver downloads are needed any more.

Increasing the trend for BYOD 

As BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) becomes increasingly popular for modern meetings, lectures and presentations, the Panasonic SQ series with the Cynap Pure SDM solution delivers perfect connectivity with multiple devices. Compatible with all operating systems – supporting AirPlay®, Miracast™ and Chromecast™ screen mirroring protocols – content can be shared with up to 4 windows onscreen using any smartphone, laptop or tablet without the need for apps or extra software

Collaboration with total clarity

Panasonic’s SQ1 series is the world’s first display range to feature an Intel® SDM slot. This convenience also comes with clarity – in the form of 4K resolution screen sharing capabilities. The Cynap Pure system is also compatible with Panasonic’s interactive multi-touch displays. With the Touchback control functionality, the presentation can then be controlled from the display.

Share securely

With the ability to share comes the need for network security, too. So a stable and secure Linux-based operating system offers 100% wireless data encryption. In addition, IEEE802.1x authentication, plus customisable security features to give you exactly the level of protection you require.  

Install and manage simply

Installation inside the SDM slot of the SQ1 screen is both simple and secure. In addition, units can be managed and updated remotely using browser-based admin tools. Firmware updates are free, and for easy room control system integration, pre-prepared and customisable API modules are available.

Maximum collaboration, minimum distraction

The discreet design of Panasonic’s SQ1 makes the display ideal for any meeting area. With sizes ranging from 49” to 98”, SQ1 4K displays are equally at home in large conference halls or small classrooms and huddle spaces. By removing the need for distracting cables and peripherals, Panasonic helps your audience focus all their attention on the presenter and the presentation.

Accessories & Software

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