Real-Time Tracking Projection-Mapping System

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Ready-to-use SDK brings images to life with 240 Hz motion tracking

Merging analog movement and digital content, ET-SWR10 expands creative possibilities for immersive sensory experiences, interactive exhibitions, and more. Combined with a compatible projector, this ready-to-use SDK (Software Development Kit) enables projection of animated content onto fast-moving objects at up to 240 frames per second with less than 5 ms*1 input-to-projection latency. Image position updates continuously to match the object, tracking its motion smoothly with no apparent delay. More than a giant leap forward in display performance, the system is also easier to install, integrate, and operate.

Real-Time Tracking and Mapping

Merge moving objects with projected content. Combined with a compatible projector, this exclusive technology converts object marker location to projector XY coordinates. Image position syncs to marker position with less than 5 ms*1 latency. From a dancer’s fluid motions to rapidly moving objects, tracking performance is utterly convincing.

Simple and Ready to Use

The system does not require painstaking calibration associated with active-sensor systems—just install the SDK on your content server and connect a compatible IR emitter and camera to begin. Calibrate marker location with projector XY coordinates once, and projected content will remain in sync with almost any fast-moving object.

Works with Ultra-Short-Throw Lenses

This flexible real-time tracking and projection mapping system can be used in conjunction with Panasonic ultra-short-throw and short-throw lenses for compatible 3-Chip DLP™ laser projectors, including ET-D3LEW200 Short-Throw Zoom Lens, ET-D3LEU100 Ultra-Short-Throw Lens, and ET-D75LE95 Ultra-Short-Throw Lens, in the context of a ceiling- or floor-mounted short-throw installation. IR emitter, IR camera, and projector can be installed separately with IR equipment located at screen center and projector mounted on the ceiling or floor very close to the screen, allowing projection designers to create highly immersive interactive exhibits in tight installation spaces where performers or viewers can approach close to the screen without casting a shadow.


Live performance

Performers can move freely and have content react to them instead of having to rehearse and memorize movements to match pre-produced content.

Public participation

Performers can move freely and have content react to them instead of having to rehearse and memorize movements to match pre-produced content.


How It Works

Choose an object to track. This can be an item covered in material that reflects infrared light, or a special device that emits infrared light. Next, set the object in motion. Infrared light from an IR emitter (or from the IR-emitting object) is either reflected back or sent directly to a camera. Software installed on a content server receives data from the connected camera and uses it to determine the object’s position. It converts this information into an XY location, and sends it to the projector. The object’s position is updated 240 times per second, allowing projected digital content to appear on and follow the object with unrivalled precision and with no apparent delay for extraordinarily clear and smooth reproduction performance.


Simple Setup and Operation

A real-time tracking projection-mapping system incorporating ET-SWR10 would comprise a compatible Panasonic 4K laser projector, such as the PT-RQ35K, an IR emitter, an IR camera, and a PC content server with SDK installed. This PC connects all devices and can be configured as a monitoring terminal for the projectionist.


  1. Easy Setup and Calibration

    SDK is easily incorporated into third-party content software and comes with a sample project for testing. Simple one-time projection- and marker-position calibration saves time during initial installation. Once installed, the system works reliably by avoiding problems associated with interference and reliance on battery power.

  2. Converts Marker Position to Projection Coordinates

    The software leverages exclusive technology developed by Panasonic to convert object location data gathered by IR camera into XY projection coordinates for the projector at very high speed. Fast-moving objects are smoothly tracked with no apparent delay.

  3. Enables Low-Latency Projector Mode

    ET-SWR10 enables a Low-Latency Mode for compatible projectors. This mode allows the projector to accept and output a 1080/240p signal with just one cable with minimal input-to-projection latency of just 5 ms*1 for extremely accurate and convincing visual reproduction.

*1 With Geometric Adjustment OFF. Latency is 7 ms with Geometric Adjustment ON and vertical correction less than 25 %. Supports 16:9 display aspect-ratio only. Other limitations apply. *2 Compatibility with third-party devices cannot be guaranteed. *3 Compatible with PT-RQ35K, PT-FRQ50