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Create the physical store of tomorrow

In shopping centres, chain stores, supermarkets and individual retail outlets, Panasonic’s business technology is hard at work, saving cost, improving performance and helping to deliver a superior customer experience.

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Maximise customer satisfaction. Minimise waiting times. Increase sales.


From inventory to point of sales, self-service and beyond. Retailers are under increased pressure to deliver the highest possible standards of customer service. As fast as possible. With razor-sharp accuracy. Across every touchpoint.

It’s a tall order. But not impossible.

In fact, Panasonic’s industry-specific retail technology solutions have been developed to make boosting in-store operational efficiency and creating an unforgettable customer experience as easy as possible.

Create a unique, personalised shopping experience and boost revenue

  • Electronic Shelf Labelling (ESL)
  • In-store analytics
  • Intelligent security
  • Dynamic displays and advertising
  • Mobile computing

Everything we offer is designed to help you deliver the in-store omni-channel customer experience that sets successful retailers apart.

“Panasonic Electronic Shelf Labelling has resulted in a 100% reduction of human error when changing prices and an 80% time saving on label updates.”

Costcutter Culverstone Green

Gemba Process Innovation for retail

Technology, processes and people working in harmony 

Retail organisations are facing disruption on a massive scale.

They’re facing transformational environmental and social trends, such as work shortages and lifestyle changes; and significant tech advances such as AI, intelligent edge devices and the e-commerce explosion.

Not to mention an exponential pressure to deliver higher quality, better service and greater accuracy…faster.

The key to navigating such a rapidly shifting landscape, is to seamlessly combine the digital with the physical. To optimise the flow of information between people, places and ‘things’ on retail frontlines.

And the physical site - or ‘actual place’ where this all happens - is the Gemba.

Panasonic’s ‘Gemba Process Innovation’ draws on over 100 years of business, technology and services know-how, to help retail customers streamline their processes.

Allowing your staff to focus on what’s important – the customer.


Rethinking retail

For every customer. Across every touchpoint.

Panasonic’s retail technology solutions are hard at work transforming every corner of the in-store ecosystem for companies of all shapes and sizes, around the world.

It can help do the same for you.

Modernise and streamline your in-store operations, manage your supply chain more effectively, attract new customers, and offer unique, personalised shopping experiences that will build long-term and lucrative consumer loyalty

Dynamic pricing and Electronic Store Labelling (ESL)

For instant and error-free pricing and promotion updates. Stay competitive, save time and resources, increase revenue, and uphold customer confidence.

In-store analytics and security

Gain insight into customer behaviour to boost operational efficiency, improve health and safety and provide a more relevant experience.


Smartlocker  is a rapid, secure and contactless delivery solution that allows goods to be ordered, collected and returned by your customers easily, efficiently and at a time that suits them. A modular, scalable, flexible design with four temperature options.

Mobile customer services

Ergonomic TOUGHBOOK devices, point-of-sale workstations and accessories that allow you to deliver first-rate customer service wherever you are in store, whatever the environment.

Dynamic Advertising

Increase customer communication and engagement in-store through dynamic advertising solutions, including displays and projectors.

Solutions blog

Alongside industry giants and technology experts, we regularly explore key issues facing the retail and supply chain industries today.

Supermarkets and convenience stores

Supermarkets and convenience stores are an essential part of our daily life. The provision of food and beverages fulfils the most basic of human needs. Yet, customers still expect to receive exceptional service. They expect the right pricing, the right product information, clear in-store communications and knowledgeable, skilled staff. Panasonic’s retail technology solutions can help retailers improve their in-store processes, allowing them to focus on what matters, the customer.


Future-ready retail

Recently, retail has faced unprecedented challenges which took everyone by surprise. The impact of these have been felt across the industry. However, challenge brings opportunity. The opportunity to rethink the approach to in-store retail. Operational efficiency and customer experience remain the priorities for bricks and mortar stores.

Panasonic’s technology solutions have been designed for enable retailers to optimise in-store processes and revenue whilst at the same time allowing them to focus more on their customer, providing outstanding service to ensure they return time after time.

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Case Studies


For every customer. Across every touchpoint.

Panasonic’s Electronic Shelf Labelling (ESL) solution has enabled Costcutter, Culverstone Green to automatically update product prices – error free – improve customer confidence and increase sales. They’ve made a staggering 80% time saving on label updates.


Next generation convenience

Panasonic has worked alongside FamilyMart to open a convenience store in Japan that utilises IoT and AI technologies, paired with smart processes, to improve the customer experience and sales operations.

Londis Dublin City University

A retail class of its own

Panasonic hybrid lighting projection, electronic shelf labelling and automatic stock tracking technology have helped make DCU’s Londis branch Ireland’s most technologically advanced and sustainable grocery store.

The future of stores

The challenges faced, and the solutions available

From changing shopper habits and rising real-estate costs, to falling footfall at brick-and-mortar stores, retailers are increasingly looking to technology to solve the crucial challenges they’ll face in the 2020s. But what are they, and how can they help? WBR Insights and Panasonic surveyed top industry players across Europe to discuss further.


Retail research excellence

Dedicated whitepapers

Digitisation. Data. Robotics. AI. IoT. And Smart stores. You name it, we’ve got it covered in our series of sector-specific whitepapers. Created in partnership with research and retail industry experts.


Talking shop

Panasonic Business Solutions blog

Alongside industry giants and technology experts, we regularly explore key issues facing the retail and supply chain industries today.