Integrated Welding Network Box


Visualization by IoT enables improved productivity and quality and enhanced traceability.

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Key features

Product & Operation Information
Error History & Maintenance
Management Index

IWNB for

Productivity improvement

• Availability and cycle time analysis function.
• Support improvement of availability by visualizing error status.

IWNB for

Quality improvement & Traceability enhancement

• Accumulation and retrieval of work information and welding data.
• Improvement of reliability by establishing traceability.


iWNB has six categories of features

Collect, record, and analyze data to solve productive issues and help customers to improve their productivity, quality and traceability. Customers can view production information on the web screen from anywhere in the world.

Specifications table

Management IndicatorsVisualize the current status vs Key Performance Indicator.1) Production volume and rate per hour2) Operating time and rate per hour3) Cycle time per hour 4) Cost of product
Operating StatusShow the current operation status and the operating results.
Production StatusShow the current production status, results and the cycle time. Show the costs of shield gas, wire, electronic for each work piece.
TraceabilityShow the list of weld programs, errors, inspection results and weldline information in one display.
Error HistoryShow the current operation status. Display the list of short or long time break down in production line. Displays a list for troubleshooting of errors and alarms.
MaintenanceIndicates the load factor of 6-axis, the current of feeding motor and send the notification. Infer the wear of contact tip from the decrease in the output current. Displays a list of equipment maintenance history.

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