Windows Autopilot

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Windows Autopilot – a simple cloud-managed tool – is revolutionising the way Windows 10 Pro laptops and tablets are configured and provisioned.

Your TOUGHBOOK devices arrive with the end-user with all their required configuration settings already uploaded to the cloud. Meaning they simply open the box, enter their credentials, download their profile and get straight to work.

That means the best possible out-of-the-box experience for your users, while your IT teams are free to concentrate on other business-critical projects.

Simple for end users. Hassle free for IT. Time and cost effective for your organisation.

  • Speedy deployment
  • Scalability
  • Saved IT costs, time and resources
  • Simplicity for end users
  • Streamlined device management
  • Safe and secure

Why Windows Autopilot?

Out of the box. Straight into the action. 

With Windows Autopilot, all configuration settings for your Windows 11 Pro TOUGHBOOK are uploaded in advance to the cloud.

The device is then sent directly to your end user. They simply turn it on, enter their credentials, and all apps and settings are automatically downloaded to deliver the user’s specific business set-up.


Windows Autopilot makes it easy for end users to set up new devices, with very little IT involvement needed whatsoever.

Deployed with apps already installed and profiles synched for ultimate hit-the-ground-running productivity.

Success at scale

TOUGHBOOK Windows Autopilot allows device configurations, updates and resets to be pushed to a fleet of any size, instantly.

  A ‘zero-touch’ experience for IT

Reduce the time and cost demands placed on your already stretched IT department, without sacrificing on customisation, power or security.

Freeing up vital IT resources

Traditionally, devices are shipped from the manufacturer to your IT department.

The IT team must then spend their already stretched time, budget and resources on manual setups and personalisation.

Meanwhile, your end users are waiting…and waiting…

With Windows Autopilot, there’s no need for your IT pros to reimage or individually set up new devices before handing them to users.

And that’s just the start…

Windows Autopilot opens the door for additional Microsoft cloud-based services that allow customers to reset, repurpose and recover devices throughout their entire lifecycle. Enabling seamless hardware and software management, with little-to-no infrastructure to maintain and few (if any) processes required.

  Customers wanting to use Windows Autopilot must have the following:

- Azure AD Premium (P1 or P2 subscription) – and access to the Azure AD infrastructure via LAN or Wi-Fi
- Microsoft Intune, or an alternative Autopilot-compatible MDM solution

Pilot Your Fleet With Ease

Windows Autopilot is now available for all Windows 10 Pro TOUGHBOOK devices.


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