Rewarding times ahead for electronics manufacturers

There has never been a more rewarding time to be involved in European electronics manufacturing, says Peer Schumacher, the new Head of Manufacturing Solutions at Panasonic Connect Europe.

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Peer Schumacher

Peer Schumacher
Head of Electronics Manufacturing Solutions

There are clear challenges facing European manufacturing, but I can honestly say that there has never been a more rewarding time to work in the electronics manufacturing sector. 

The issue at the forefront of everyone’s mind is how to become a more sustainable manufacturer. How to produce goods more efficiently and at a high quality but most importantly more sustainably. 

As a society, we are making the huge but necessary move away from fossil fuels to the use of more sustainable electrical goods and Europe is leading the way. For example, you can see the fast-paced electrification of the automotive industry, with its vehicles and the associated new charging stations that will be required. The European Automobile Manufacturers Association predicts the share of battery electric cars will reach almost 30% of the European market by 2025 and exceed 70% by 2030 – taking the lead on the other world regions.

In heating systems, we are also seeing the switch from oil and gas to air source heat pumps. Sales grew by 34% in Europe in 2021 – an all-time high, according to the European Heat Pump Association. The heat pumps now installed in the EU avoid over 44 million tonnes of CO2.

Uniquely positioned to help

These major changes, for the benefit of society, require a renewed focus on electronics manufacturing. I believe Panasonic Connect Europe is uniquely positioned to help manufacturers with that transition and as I settle into my new role of Head of Manufacturing Solutions, it’s a challenge that I and the team find incredibly rewarding for two reasons.

Firstly, our Surface Mount Technology (SMT) solutions are second to none. For example, our all-rounder pick-and-place machine that handles both SMT and THT components as standard or odd-form components in one placement order is unrivalled in the market. It’s the ideal solution for many of the electronic component boards required for these growth electrical sectors. As well as leading specialist machines, we also offer the widest range of solutions – from individual machines, to complete production line solutions, as well as intelligent factory management software. These solutions are all designed to make manufacturing faster, less labour intensive, with improved quality and ultimately more sustainable.

As someone who previously spent many years working internationally in Robot and Welding, I can also see how Panasonic Connect Europe’s comprehensive offering will be attractive to large European manufacturers. It can provide them with a single point of contact and integrated solutions across their entire electronics production- advantage over many other suppliers.


Backed by an incredible team

Delivering these solutions is our incredible team. From our marketing team raising awareness, to our local language sales teams in all the required territories, through to the recently increased levels of service and support offered from our new centre in Hungary’s Budapest.


Contributing to society

The second rewarding aspect of our work is the contribution we can make to a more sustainable society through the provision of our solutions. Panasonic’s core management philosophy for more than 100 years has been to: Devote ourselves to the progress and development of society and the well-being of people through our business activities, thereby enhancing the quality of life throughout the world.

We have committed to the goal of reducing the CO2 emissions of all our operating companies to Net Zero by 2030. In addition, we aim to reduce the electricity consumption from the use of our products by developing new technologies and solutions to increase their efficiency. We will further reduce the CO2 emissions of society by offering new energy saving solutions and clean energy technologies to our customers. Our electronic manufacturing solutions are already helping to deliver on this promise. 

So, I hope that you can see why I believe now is an incredibly exciting time to be involved in this sector. Not only are we helping industries change focus to more sustainable products, but those efforts are also helping to build a more sustainable society. We look forward to building it with our customers.

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