BattleKart augmented reality brought to life by Panasonic projectors

Panasonic VMZ Series of LCD laser projectors chosen for their lens zoom and shift capabilities and high brightness in a reliable and lightweight compact chassis.

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Client: BattleKart, the video gaming, augmented reality and electric go-karting experience.

Location: Belgium, France and Germany with new sites in the Middle East and Austria to be added shortly.

Product(s) supplied: PT-VMZ61 PT-VMZ61 PT-VMZ51S


To deliver a fast-paced interactive karting and gaming experience in exhibition buildings with high ceilings across Europe.


The Panasonic VMZ Series LCD laser projectors delivering vivid high brightness images in a compact, lightweight unit.

"The Panasonic projectors have helped us to create the excitement and fun of BattleKart in a number of locations where it would have been difficult with other projectors. They are my go to choice for BattleKart in an exhibition hall environment."

To combine the speed and excitement of karting with laser tag was the vision of Sébastien Millecam while still a student. Today he has turned his dream into the successful BattleKart franchise with up to 25 sites up projected to be up and running by the end of the year. 

BattleKart brings together video gaming, augmented reality and electric go-karting to provide an exciting gaming experience. A series of different games are offered with circuits projected onto the track and players in their electric go-karts racing around the games area interacting with the scenery, bonuses and other players. 

Incredibly successful, franchises are already operational in Belgium, Germany and France with new openings planned, including regions such as the Middle East and Austria. Panasonic projectors are used in franchises based in exhibition buildings, where ceiling heights are high and range from 10m to 17m tall. 

Ideal for exhibition halls

It was these taller buildings where Sébastien, founder and CEO of BattleKart, first saw the value of the Panasonic projectors. “Panasonic was the only manufacturer to offer a zoom lens of 1.09, along with great lens shift functionality and high brightness,” said Sébastien. “This made installing the projectors much easier in these tall buildings and the high brightness delivered great visuals – even from a higher level on the ceilings.”

BattleKart has used Panasonic’s VMZ Series of projectors in many of its locations. The current range has the world’s smallest and lightest LCD laser projectors in their class. This combination of high brightness in a lightweight, compact and reliable chassis, aswell as optimal throw ratio and good lens shift capabilities was an important consideration in their decision, according to Sébastien. 

Just one person to service

“You need a scissor lift to install, maintain and replace these projectors,” he explained. “For us it is important that each site can be maintained by just one person and the weight and reliability of the projectors is very important. We have found very few problems with the Panasonic projectors. They offer better high brightness and lens shift functionality in a lightweight and reliable design at a very competitive price. All these factors are important factors in our final decision on the choice of projectors we use.”

In a typical environment, the Panasonic projector’s reusable ECO Filter doesn’t require replacement for 20,000 hours. This equates to roughly 10 years’ service assuming 40 hours of projection per working week. If it’s necessary to maintain the filter before then, it can be washed and reused up to two times, reducing waste and parts inventories. Power consumption in the latest Series is also reduced by 20% from previous models, helping to reduce costs and improve sustainability.

Advanced visual and safety systems

The number of projectors and sensors used in each BattleKart facility varies depending on the size and height of the location. But typically between 30 and 60 Panasonic projectors are used per deployment. The facility also has a unique sensor system that tracks the location of the karts 200 times per second as they move around the track – enabling an advanced anti-collision system. As a result, BattleKart is fast and fun but importantly incredibly safe. 

“The Panasonic projectors have helped us to create the excitement and fun of BattleKart in a number of locations where it would have been difficult with other projectors,” concluded Sébastien. “They are my go to choice for BattleKart in an exhibition hall environment.”

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