As unique as nature itself

The Swiss alpine glaciers shine bright thanks to Panasonic projectors and displays.

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The World Nature Forum is dedicated to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch. In addition to the Visitor Centre, there is also a Study Centre complete with UNESCO Chair. At the Study Centre, researchers focus on the high-Alpine region and investigate how natural heritage and cultural heritage can contribute to the sustainable development of mountainous regions.


The exhibition

The exhibition focuses on the Swiss Alps and the challenges they face. At the World Nature Forum, visitors can get a comprehensive overview of this world heritage site, discover the fascinating history behind it and find out more about the unique natural and cultural heritage of this high-Alpine landscape. The spectacular exhibition's interesting films, interactive 'experience stations', infographics and artefacts awaken visitors' inquisitive minds and sense of curiosity and get them to consider key questions and issues concerning this natural heritage. The highlight of the exhibition is the huge Panoramic Room playing never-before-seen films of the UNESCO world heritage site on a 100 m2 screen.


The implementation

The project was managed by the company BlueMax EventTechnics. Various different interactive applications were installed for the exhibition. These include a panoramic cinema with a 90° curved projection surface, a visual depiction of a fictitious journey from Naters to the Jungfraujoch, the recreation of a waterfall, a simulation of the change of the permafrost, various different information displays, a sponsor wall with displays, an auditorium with projectors and a seminar room with a display.

UNESCO had a clear set of requirements for the implementation of the complex technical installations. Since a large proportion of the exhibition is based on visual playback (display and projections), BlueMax went in search of a suitable technical supplier right at the beginning of the planning stage. According to Rolf Balmer, the Managing Director, the requirements set out for the partner were a challenge in themselves, "We needed the latest laser technology for the projectors so that the service intervals could be as long as possible. Everything had to be supplied from one single source which meant that the size of the product range was of huge importance. High-quality products and guarantees were also key. Product availability also had to be guaranteed in order to ensure that nothing could prevent the exhibition from opening on time." UNESCO and BlueMax finally chose Panasonic, and Panasonic displays and laser projectors were used for all the installations at the World Nature Forum.


The products

Panasonic laser projectors are known for their razor-sharp, light and colour intensive images. Thanks to the laser light source, the filter-less operation, the dust-resistant closed optical block and the efficient cooling system, laser projector models can be used for approx. 20,000 hours in continuous operation without the need for any maintenance. The laser technology boasts a higher ROI and a longer service life than lamp projectors, in particular in larger installations with several projectors, for example in museums and exhibitions.

Three PT-RZ12K 3-chip DLP™ laser projectors were installed for the panoramic cinema which provide impressive performance with bright, rich and long-lasting projections without the need for any maintenance. With a brightness of 12,000 lm and extremely quiet operation thanks to a new liquid cooling system, this projector is particularly well suited to large rooms. A dust-resistant optical block and the laser light source enable continuous operation with consistent colour rendering with no loss in quality even over longer time periods. The fact that it weighs a mere 45 kg also makes it the world's lightest 3-chip DLP™ projector (see image to the right). 

The 1-chip DLP model PT-RZ570 was used for the simulations and features high-level light output, image quality and quiet operation of just 29 dB. The projector is also ideal for lectures and presentations that feature images that need to be reproduced with a high level of detail thanks to the WUXGA resolution. The PT-RZ670 was installed in the auditorium. This model, with a laser light source, also delivers stand-out performance thanks to its impressive brightness and excellent image quality.

Various different Panasonic Full-HD displays were also used for the applications. The EF1 entry-level series was used for the 32-inch and 65-inch sizes, which on account of its slim design saves on space and, thanks to its almost invisible slender frame, directs viewers' attention to the image on display. The EF series can be installed in landscape or portrait format or even configured in multiscreen format. This series is also equipped with a signage player and hence enables simple signage applications. Various different displays from the ultra-bright, reliable and robust LF8 series were also used. With 500 cd/m2, this series boasts outstanding image quality in brightly lit spaces, and visibility outside of the central axis is also guaranteed thanks to the IPS panel. The stylish design, slim frame, installation flexibility (portrait and landscape format) and ease of operation are other plus points. 

Rolf Balmer, BlueMax Managing Director, said, "Thanks to the wonderful support and our truly positive experience with the products and contacts at Panasonic, we plan to continue working together in the future."



Panasonic Schweiz, Grundstrasse 12, 6343 Rotkreuz, +41 44 567 18 43

BlueMax, BalmerEventTechnics, Seidenfadenstrasse 39, 3800 Unterseen / Interlaken, +41 33 821 07 40

World Nature Forum AG, Bahnhofstrasse 9a, 3904 Naters, +41 27 924 52 76

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