Arc Welding System

TAWERS WG4 Arc welding system

New Generation

The TAWERS-WG4 Arc Welding System is suitable for CO2, MAG, MIG and Stainless Steel welding applications.

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Key features

Highly accurate and efficient welding experience
Easier to use with touch panel and 3D display
For manufacturing where everything is connected
Cables arranged on the back to save space

WG4 Arch Welding System

The New Generation

Optimum welding processes are achieved by utilising an integrated inverter power source within the robot controller, ensuring complete synergy within the common control system. 

  • Improvement in manipulator controlperformance
  • TP touch panel adopted
  • Improved maintainability
  • IoT industry standard I/F adoption
  • Compliance with international standards for functional safety

Hardware and software have evolved significantly

Specifications table

Memory Capacity40,000 points
Position Control MethodSoftware Servo System
External Memory I/FTP: SD memory card slot x 1 USB2.0 (Hi-speed supported) x2
Number of control axesSimultaneous 6 axes (max. 27 axes)
Other Input/Output SignalDedicated Signal: Input 6 points, Output 8 points General purpose signal: Input 40 points, Output 40 points Safety Input/Output: Input 8 points, Output 8 points
Input Power Supply3-phase, AC200 V (+-10%), 50 Hz/60 Hz (+-2%)
Input Cable14 mm2 (AWG6) or more
Ground Cable14 mm2 (AWG6) or more
Applicable Welding MethodCO2/MAG/Stainless Steel MIG Pulse MAG/Stainless Steel pulse MIG
Output Current30 A-350 A DC
Output Voltage12 V-36 V DC
Rated Duty Cycle10 Minute Cycle CO2/MAG/Stainless Steel MIG: 80% Pulse MAG/Stainless Steel pulse MIG:60 %

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