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Engage Rail

Integrated in-store marketing solution enabling retailers to run dynamic campaigns in-store.



Enterprise IoT Sensor Fusion + Computer-Vision Plattform​. Captana is a cloud-based software combined with an IoT camera and sensor system that detects the on shelf availability situation and analyzes the shelf to improve shelf availability and internal processes and reduce waste​.


VIXELL as a Service

A circular transportation system for temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals that connects continents. 



Designed to meet the challenges of cold chain transportation for biopharmaceuticals, investigational drugs and vaccines that require strict temperature controls. VIXELL features patented vacuum insulation and in-box health-monitoring technology for guaranteed insulation performance, goods protection and long-lasting cooling power.


Visual Sort Assist (VSA)

Drastically increase the capacity, agility and wellbeing of your parcel sorting force to meet the rising and rapidly changing demands of your customers, without expanding your facilities or investing in costly and complex full automation and extensive staff training.


AI-supported Camera Systems

Our spin-off i-PRO offers a broad range of professional cameras for warehouses and retail stores. We offer advanced technologies such as analysis and security technology that uses deep learning to take advantage of innovations such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).


Intelligent Warehouse Solution

A solution that monitors the progress of items through your production or delivery processes, identifying losses, damage or interruptions to their progress.



Logiscend is the first IoT-based system to offer a true paperless workflow for manufacturing. Our solution combines the immediate reliability and visual instruction of paper labels along with automated tracking, and the capability for two-way human interaction.

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