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General questions

What does VIXELL mean?

The word itself is a part-acronym, part visual play on the term 'Vacuum insulation provides excellent benefits'. We want it to serve as a reminder of the advantages that our innovative vacuum insulation technology brings to the cold supply chain. The name is currently under application for trademark registration.

How many variations of VIXELL cooling boxes do you offer?

We currently offer two VIXELL models. Type-L is out large-capacity box, ideal for transportation. Type-S is lightweight and compact, suitable for deliveries. We hope to expand the lineup based on feedback from business partners and users in the future.

Is a thermal storage unit essential?

Yes, it is. VIXELL consists of a vacuum insulation casing and a thermal storage unit, and can accomodate various temperature zones by changing the thermal storage unit in the vacuum insulation housing.

Can VIXELL be combined with other brands of thermal storage unit?

We highly recommend you only use the thermal storage unit designed exclusively for VIXELL. In order to maximise cooling capacity, the layout of the medicine chest and thermal storage agent has been taken into consideration, so cooling performance cannot be guaranteed if parts that are not engineered by Panasonic for VIXELL are employed.

Are sensors such as temperature and GPS included?

No, they are not included.

What kind of tests are conducted for airmail transportation?

VIXELL passes the 6-FedEx-A drop test* specified by the International Safety Transport Association (ISTA), but please mark the box as fragile, and handle with care.

Please also be mindful that the Type-L dry ice model is evaluated using internal standards, not official ISTA assessments. Nevertheless, this product has passed our strict internal evaluations based on ISTA standards, and therefore, is considered to be sufficiently durable for normal aircraft delivery.

*Drop 1-corner, 3-side, and 6 side from a height of approx. 760 mm above the floor.

What are the expected storage purposes?

VIXELL is designed to accommodate biopharmaceutical, investigational drugs, and vaccine storage.

Will the box swell or burst with dry ice?

VIXELL contains a mechanism to release the air pressure increased by dry ice. However, please refrain from using VIXELL in an environment where the outside
temperature exceeds 40°C, or combining a heat source with dry ice (which may cause the dry ice to subimate rapidly.)

What is the recommended heat retention temperature?

We recommend a range from 15°C to 25°C for high temperature use. For low temperature use, we recommend using the dry ice band (-70°C or below).


Are you considering other temperature zones?

While we are not actively considering other temperature zones currently, we may evaluate upon request.

Is on-site inspection available overseas?

The service is limited to Japan at the moment.

While the on-site inspection equipment helps to confirm insulation performance before transportation, does the insulation performance decrease for some reasons during transportation?

The quality of insulation during transportation cannot be verified. Onsite inspection equipment is used only to inspect insulation performance before using VIXELL.

Can liquid nitrogen with a lower temperature be used to replace dry ice?


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Technical features

What is the difference between the insulation used in VIXELL and the insulation used in refrigerators?

The urethane used in VIXELL is specifically designed for vacuum insulation.

How did you achieve the integral moulding of vacuum insulation?

This was achieved through the fusion of technologies cultivated in the plastic moulding and urethane foaming of refrigerators, and technologies for handling invisible vacuum in vacuum insulation panels. (An offering unique to Panasonic.)

VIXELL has a built-in wireless vacuum sensor - how do you supply the power to drive the sensor?

We use Near Field Communication (NFC). As such, no power supply is required in the unit to operate its wireless power supply system.

Can VIXELL maintain its performance under high temperatures, such as in direct sunlight?

Cooling times are measured in an environment with an ambient temperature of 30°C. It may be shorter under higher temperatures. The box should not be left in direct sunlight, or in a vehicle in summer, for long periods of time.

How long can VIXELL maintain thermal insulation?

It depends on the usage environment, but we predict a life expectancy of several years.

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Although VIXELL is not specifically designed for delivery of COVID-19 vaccines, it has been proven to retain the temperature zone required for their storage.
Before using the product, please check with the vaccine manufacturer or appropriate medical personnel regarding shipping methods.

General storage temperatures of the major COVID-19 vaccines are:

Pfizer: -75°C ± 15°C

AstraZeneca: 2°C - 8°C

Moderna: -20°C ± 5°C

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