Written by Thorsten Lutz, EU Solution Architect, Mobile Solutions Business Division at Panasonic Connect Europe

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Intelligent industries are adopting private 5G networks

In today’s constantly evolving telecommunications landscape, a new technology has emerged that promises to revolutionise connectivity - 5G private networks. Private 5G networks are emerging as the connectivity technology of choice for driving next generation enterprise transformation in a growing list of intelligent industries. According to a study by Accedian, three quarters of the manufacturing organisations in Germany, Japan, the UK and the U.S. aim to adopt private 5G networks by 2024. Also known as a non-public 5G network, a private network uses 5G technologies to create a dedicated network with unified connectivity, optimised services, and a secure means of communication within a specific area. Combining the power of 5G with the flexibility and security of private networks, this emerging technology opens a world of possibilities for industries, businesses, and individuals alike. In this whitepaper, we will delve into the benefits of 5G private networks, and contest some of the misconceptions around private 5G. We explore use cases and applications, examine the issues, and walk through the ideal set up and the potential private 5G holds for transforming the way businesses and their employees connect and communicate.

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