Lang Review of the PT-REQ12: a cornerstone of immersive location-based entertainment

by Corona Beutgen Marketing for projectors LANG

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How the REQ12 series projector creates experiences to remember

In our post-pandemic world, people are slowly but surely getting used to experiences outside their homes again. After a long period of entertainment taking place only within the confines of one's own four walls, the yearning gaze is once again turning outside - people want to see new things with their own eyes and a whole new sense of wonder.

As a leading company in the rental and sales business of AV technology, we at LANG AG know that Location Based Entertainment is once again in demand and companies are responding to this trend. People want entertainment that can be seen not just anywhere and from home, but only in unique locations.

The LBE industry is a broad field, because as versatile as places and attractions are, the on-site experience can be designed to be as multifaceted. There are so many ways to creatively bring people closer to art and information.

The zeitgeist: up close, immersive, breathtaking

Projection is a big theme when it comes to visuals: projectors are a great tool for creating stunning images in all sorts of places where you might not expect it. Immersive exhibitions in particular are right in the zeitgeist, surrounding visitors on the walls, floor and ceiling and allowing the audience to lose themselves in the imagery.

This offers plenty of room for a lot of creativity, which can only be fully exploited if the framework conditions are right. Panasonic provides these conditions with the PT-REQ12 - a powerful and reliable projector that has been developed with an eye on the future, thereby establishing itself as a cornerstone in the projection area of Location Based Entertainment.

Powerful hardware

The hard facts first: the 1-chip CLP laser projector delivers ultra-high resolutions with a brightness of 12,000 ANSI lumens, ensuring the highest quality images right from the start. Either full HD at 240Hz or 4K at 60 Hz is possible.

The HEP chip is absolute state-of-the-art and delivers high luminous efficacy, which ultimately means high overall efficiency. In addition, the chip is capable of delivering excellent black levels as well as impressive contrasts.

But what does that mean in practice? It means that the PT-REQ12 is perfect for elaborate projections for example in museums, transforming simple rooms or halls into dazzling landscapes: It consistently delivers razor-sharp 4K images with excellent color values while being highly efficient with comparatively small dimensions as well as effective and, above all, quiet cooling. This keeps the focus entirely on the images and videos.

"Thanks to the new 0.8" High Efficiency Package chip, stunning 4K projections are possible. "

Best equipped for the future

However, efficiency is not the only factor that makes Panasonic's PT-REQ12 a flagship of our inventory: flexibility here is also essential - both for today and in the future. Compactness also plays a big role here, as the smaller and quieter the projector, the more versatile its applications.

In addition, the PT-REQ12 has another key advantage, as Gorgette explains: "Thanks to the SDM input slot, the projector allows seamless connection with various devices. In addition, it will be able to support future standards like the latest SMPTE 2110 technology." 
The ability to both retrofit and upgrade the product means it doesn't just buckle under new challenges and expectations: Modern technologies and the latest developments can also be implemented further down the road, making the projector already future-proof today.

By choosing Panasonic's PT-REQ12, we opted for long-term efficiency and flexibility in projection. Its innovative design inside and out has convinced us so thoroughly that we want to pass it on to our customers with conviction. 

Gorgette is therefore positive: "The projector not only inspires with its outstanding image quality, but also offers outstanding features that take the projection experience to a new level."

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