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Our goal is to contribute to your success by offering our expertise and technology to assist in adapting to the new ways of living and working wherever possible. We will be covering how Panasonic technology can be used to improve the overall viewing experience for the audience, and in the background help improve video production workflows, transforming both the operations and economics of the industry. 

Together with our partners and industry leaders, we are constantly creating digital assets and extending our tutorial materials for all. This includes – but is not limited to - the expansion of live streaming, distance learning solutions, AR/VR applications and remote production.

KAIROS IT/IP video processing platform

Do you want to know what Kairos is capable of?

The INSIDE KAIROS video tutorials explain the power and features of our IT/IP video processing platform. Behind KAIROS is a new standard of usability and unrestricted scalability. Helge Schenk explains the underlaying concept of video compositing, mixing different formats and resolutions, building complex compositions and more.


The series was created for industry insiders looking to harness the latest broadcast and production technology and techniques and design their own virtual studio. Challenges addressed in the five-episode series include managing the move to remote production and the necessary workflow changes, enhancing the production value of live streamed content and the adoption of VR and AR technologies.

Together with partners located across Europe, we have produced a series of episodes that bring to life our vision for the future of broadcasting – ‘Smart Live Production’.


Improve your production with the state-of art technology

With a greater demand for more efficient systems, robotics systems can be seamlessly integrated to optimize studio productions to provide superior performance, smooth camera movements, intuitive operation and automatization.

Let Jaume Miro introduce you to the robotics systems line up optimized for Panasonic camera systems for the next level video production standard


Discover how Panasonic Lecture capture over IP helps to extend the classroom by offering digital learning experience: to record classroom or lecture hall presentations and post digital versions online available for either live streaming or download. It’s a cable-free solution and is fully integrated over IP, giving you the freedom to record, share and play 4K video without cables and online publishing (through external software such as Panopto). The wide range of camera systems offers the cameras from entry to premium level. The adoption of NewTek NDI|HX all cameras detected on your network are immediately available for use - with no complex configuration required.

Dean Offord is joined by Neil Burdess from Panopto to explain how this solution is secure and largely automated, making it a suitable option to be deployed on small, mid-level and large-scale installations quickly and effectively to support distance learning, training programs and beyond that.

Edge Hill University implements a lecture capture solution with Panasonic technology and Panopto software


Perfect picture quality, straightforward system configuration, NDI|HX compatibility

The use of PTZ cameras for live-streaming provides a perfect picture quality and, thanks to full IP connectivity including PoE, provides maximum flexibility and simplifies installation.

For simple operation, mostly based on preset positions, a free software (PTZ Control Center) is available, providing full camera control and simultaneous preset recall.

A way of making live video production effortless, is by using the Panasonic Autotracking software.  Motion detection and facial recognition are used for accurate tracking of the talent in the stage.

Myth-busting NDI

Join Liam Hayter from NewTek and Dean Offord from Panasonic as they take on the roles of ‘Myth-busters’ by covering some of key queries that often arise with NDI, as well as covering some of the latest developments in NDI® workflows. Since the inception of NDI®, both NewTek and Panasonic have worked together extensively, with the aim of supporting high-quality video and audio capture with extremely low levels of latency, as well as saving set-up time, and supporting easier installations.

Liam and Dean will also be joined by Brian Shek and Dan Money from the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, whom will be discussing how their use of NDI technology enables them to reach a large audience with a live stream.

Discover the new AW-UE100 PTZ, which offers high-bandwidth NDI for transmitting HD or 4K 50p video streams over a single LAN cable, on top of offering high-efficiency, low bandwidth NDI|HX.



The AW-UE150 is the first PTZ to provide Position Data Notification (PTZF) and thanks to adoption of the FreeD protocol is compatible with VR/AR applications.

The use of AR/VR technologies in live events has become an accessible way to dramatically enhance video production with interactive content, capturing the imagination of viewers at home.

Introducing the Panasonic AW-UE150 with StarTracker Add-on

If the AW-UE150 PTZ camera has meant a revolution in how virtual and augmented reality systems can be easily deployed, now another step forward is possible with the addition of the StarTracker system from Mo-Sys.

Join us in this webinar as we explore the creative benefits of the Panasonic AW-UE150 camera with a StarTracker add-on in a live mixed-reality demo. Discover how to produce spectacular and beauty images, thanks to camera’s freedom of movement.
Featuring insights from Michael Geissler (CEO), Martin Parsley (Lead StarTracker Developer) and Panasonic’s Jaume Miro, they will be discussing how this innovative collaboration can help you produce immersive and engaging content for AR or virtual studio application.

Reality Talks - Panasonic Broadcast & ProAV - AW-UE150 and Reality Engine

Zero Density and Panasonic together will talk about projects that utilized both the Reality Engine and the AW-UE150 as well as explaining remote installation and integration best practices. This session will also cover tips and suggestions on how to best make use of your space and turn it into a virtual domain.

Integration of Panasonic and Brainstorm in AR/VR Systems

Is it possible to have two persons on the same desk – even though they live 351 km apart? Find out how Jaume Miro (Project Manager at Panasonic) and Thierry Gonzalo (Product Manager at Brainstorm) can be virtually together and explain the collaboration between both companies?

Join this webinar to discover how the AR/VR production has been greatly simplified, by using the Panasonic AW-RP150 controller to move both the real camera (AW-UE150) and the virtual camera (InfinitySet). During a live demonstration, we will check how the integration of Panasonic and Brainstorm eliminates the traditional separation between robotics control and graphics production, now becoming possible in the same console by the same operator.

Case study: Creating a virtual reality set at notele Belgium


AW-UE100 introduction webinar

Find out why the AW-UE100 is the perfect choice for high-quality live remote and studio production for live events and sports production, rental and staging, and for usage within corporate and higher education applications. The webinar covers the AW-UE100 key features including both NDI and SRT support and includes footage from the camera for the first time. The webinar is available in English, French, Spanish and German version.

AW-UE4: A New Level of PTZ Camera Performance

Discover more about the latest addition to the PTZ line up, the AW-UE4 compact wide angle 4K camera with IP streaming. Our technical expert will be covering it in the video tutorial.

For over a decade, Panasonic has been pushing the limits of PTZ camera performance offering the wide range of camera systems from entry to premium level suited to meet various application needs. From conference rooms to theaters, live-event broadcasts to reality TV show production, esports to lecture capture, get flexible installation with PoE+, live streaming, IP-live remote management and control with incredible picture quality and smooth operation.


For now & into the future

Panasonic camera technology has been adopted by major TV channels and broadcasters in Europe, including MediaPro, France Television; TV Pink, RTS Serbia and more. Discover the advanced functionality and technology used to capture the live action at some of the largest sporting and live events around the world, from the main tennis court of Roland Garros during the French Open, the Finnish Elite Ice Hockey League (the Liiga), to the sky-camera at the UEFA Champions League Men’s Final.

The session is hosted by Stefan Hofmann, Manager Sales Engineering , Panasonic Broadcast & ProAV, who will introduce our recently expanded Studio Camera System line up capable of UHD, HDR & HFR, and more, including the brand new HD HDR AK-HC3900 camera system.

Studio Camera Systemization for any Event, Look or Budget

From live concerts to sports action, learn how to systematize a studio camera for any event, look or budget. A wide range of topics will be covered, including details on a new studio camera, as well CineLive, for multicam live cinema-like shooting.


There are more materials to come during the next weeks, including video tutorials, webinars and podcasts.

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