Professional HD Camcorder

Professional 5.7K compact cinema cameras and HD handheld camcorders

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The professional HD camera recorder range

If you are looking for an affordable HD camcorder designed to perform at all types of events from school plays and weddings to on the spot news reports and professional grade videos for digital information sharing, the Panasonic AVCCAM range can deliver what you are looking for. 

The image enhancing PH operating mode, available on all models, was developed exclusively by Panasonic for the AVCCAM range of cameras to deliver professional image production by enabling the cameras to handle HD pixel levels. There is a HD camera recorder to suit all needs, with every model offering solid state memory card storage technology to deliver excellent image storage capacity.

Professional HD camera recorders with a 3 year repair warranty and market leading features

The shoulder mounted professional portable camera recorder model in the range comes with a three year repair warranty, consistently deliver high quality images, are easy to operate and are well balanced,  making them easy to handle effectively.

Equipped with long battery life, high powered zoom capabilities up to 22X, wide angle and telephoto lens compatibility, and full HD image resolution, the AVCCAM camera recorders are versatile and enable you to shoot creatively in all kinds of demanding scenarios.  

There are models featuring an image stabiliser and the larger models boast additional manual independent control for focus, zoom and iris dimensions. The HD image recording technology makes editing and sending videos quick and simple and the 3 sensors recording individual light colours gives precise images with faithful colour reproduction.   

There is also a very compact combination of a remote camera operation unit and small camera that can be head mounted for the most dynamic action shots in circumstances where the camera operator needs both hands free. 

Something for everyone so take a look through the range to learn more

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