Loogman sees rise in sales with electronic shelf labels from Panasonic

Panasonic equipped Loogman’s shop with electronic shelf labels to provide clarity and better service for customers.

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Client: Loogman Aalsmeer

Location: Aalsmeer, The Netherlands

Product(s) supplied: Electronic Shelf Labels


Loogman was looking for an innovative system that would provide a clear and simple way of displaying product prices in the shop without creating extra work for the staff.


Panasonic’s electronic shelf labels (ESL) with a link to the local POS. Price changes are implemented into a leading Dutch POS provider so that the ESLs are automatically adjusted via the link to Panasonic. The right price is always displayed without any effort.


The story of the Loogman family business began in 1959, when Ger Loogman’s parents started selling fuels from their home in Aalsmeer. The business has always been very innovative, making a strength of the fact that its thinking is always slightly different from that of its competitors. The second generation, based on a passion for car washing, added car washes to the range of services. The business now owns eight car washes, two petrol stations, one golf course with a brasserie and a storage rental facility in the Netherlands.

Loogman has also developed its own app for washing the car. Customers will soon be able to pay for their washing programme in advance with Loogman pay through the app, and will access the car wash via a barrier operated by number plate recognition.

“For us, everything is about making a difference and delivering better service to our customers. We still help customers to fill up the car, but we noticed in our shop that our customer service was falling short in terms of product information. In the past we’d always worked with paper price tags. Keeping the tags up to date was becoming very labour-intensive due to the large number of products and constant price changes. As a result, we simply ran out of price tags at one point, so that customers no longer knew what products were supposed to cost in the shop. This was confusing for customers and at odds with our vision of customer service, so something had to be done about it.”

“At Tankpro last year we had initial contact with Panasonic about digitising the price tags. We also approached two other parties about this,” Rauwers continues. “Our preference was ultimately for Panasonic, because they represented good value for money, the batteries in the labels could be replaced and – crucially – they could create a link to our local POS system. It is the backbone of the fuel station. Everything runs on this system, so it was an absolute requirement that the electronic shelf label could also be integrated.”

"Panasonic stated that they could create the link with the local POS system. We were a bit sceptical about this at first, but without justification. Partly due to the involvement of Panasonic’s people in the integration with the POS systen, it went very smoothly. A file with the price changes is now created in the POS system, which is then read into the Panasonic package."

“Thanks to Panasonic’s input and presence during the installation, we were able to use all the electronic shelf label options immediately. The system came into its own from day one. For example, the labels can display promotions or be divided in two in order to display two prices. All of this was done right on the first day. It happened incredibly fast! Plug and play. The system is really simple to use: anyone can start using it right away. The tags are scanned with an app, and the product and electronic shelf label then show the correct price immediately. In terms of user-friendliness, this system really stood out,” Rauwers continues.

“We haven’t had any start-up problems. Initially we sometimes found that a label wasn’t linked properly, but this was resolved immediately with a simple refresh. The reason for this was often that the product wasn’t correctly recorded in the back office. This could be easily resolved with a change in the back office.” 

Increasing sales due to greater clarity

Loogman has been using the electronic shelf labels since July this year. “We’re seeing a rise in sales of car products now that we have price tags again. When there were no tags, there was uncertainty about the price, which made consumers hesitant about buying a product. That’s now a thing of the past. With Panasonic’s electronic price labels, it’s now clear how much something is supposed to cost. Promotions are also immediately noticed and the logo on the price tags makes everything a lot clearer for the customer. Nothing is in doubt any more. As a result of this clarity, customers are more inclined to make a purchase. For Loogman, it’s clear that the electronic shelf labels contribute to higher sales, as well as being much more efficient than the paper price tags. We should have done this much sooner,” concludes Rauwers.

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