What we can learn from Japan in optimizing the Pharma Cold Chain

Vaccine Distribution and clincial trials as circular economy model

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Extend a business model to compliant cold chain logistics

The Japanese wholesale company Suzuken developed a specialty drug traceability system called Cubixx.
Applying RFID and IoT digital technology it offers total traceability from shipping and delivery through inventory management at medical institutions and at pharmacies.

Case Study Background: Specialty Drug Distribution Business

Cubixx System

The Cubixx specialty drug traceability system is currently in use at over 300 regional core hospitals, hospitals specializing in certain diseases, and at other institutions as well.

Applying RFID and IoT digital technology, this system offers total traceability from shipping and delivery through inventory management at medical institutions and at pharmacies.

Through 24/7 real time monitoring, the Cubixx System simplifies previously difficult judgments on resale possibility and enables inventoryadjustment.

For investigational drugs, we have built a digital clinical trial platform by combining technologies provided by EP SOGO Co., Ltd. and SUSMED, Inc. with our Cubixx CT system.

To help reduce social costs, by lowering specialty drug disposal losses and lightning the administrative burden on medical institutions, we have under- taken activities such as starting a rental service for VIXELL pharmaceutical cool shipping boxes, which we developed together with Panasonic Corporation.

Utilizing the RF tag attached to the individual packaging box of pharmaceutical products and the IoT storage installed by the customer, it seamlessly connects from the pharmaceutical wholesaler  to the customer‘s inside, then achieves the remote monitoring of the inventory and quality of each pharmaceutical product, and the time of warehousing / delivery history.

High performant Passive Cooling Box System for Pharmaceutical Transportations

The Panasonic solution VIXELL is designed to meet the challenges of cold chain transportation for bio-pharmaceuticals, investigational drugs and vaccines that require strict temperature controls. With increased flexibility, safety buffer, and trackability. The perfect solution to support clinical trials. Panasonic has been developing thermal insulation technologies for 70 Years. With the technology to produce Vacuum Insulated Cases instead of Vacuum Insulated Panels, a unique Panasonic offer, the company has achieved the next level.

Panasonic offers the option of renting the boxes or booking the transportation for global distributions e.g. for clinical trials. Partnering with pharmaceutical transport experts Nissin Corporation, we offer routes between the EU, US and Japan.

The circular system contributes to a more sustainable society and saves money as well as resources. After sensitive pharmaceuticals have been shipped internationally with the temperature-controlled transfer service, the VIXELL system will be reused upon completion of its journey.

Book a demo of the passive cooling system today or request further information on the solution.

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