ET-CUK10 Auto Screen Adjustment Upgrade Kit


Auto Screen Adjustment Upgrade Kit

Key features

Edge blending, colour-matching, brightness control, and geometry adjustment are achieved easily and quickly using with external compatible cameras and Geometry Manager Pro software.

Simple and easy adjustment

  • Simple and easy adjustment for multi-screen projection or curved-screen projection
  • Edge blending, colour-matching, brightness control, and geometry adjustment are achieved easily and quickly by combined use with specific cameras* and Geometry Manager Pro software. **


Unique application with flexible installation

  • By connecting a PC to the projectors through a Hub network, and a camera* via a USB cable, the Auto Screen Adjustment software can measure the required adjustment using the connected camera,* and then overwrite the connected projectors with correction values, which makes system installation easier and more efficient.Available for various screen shapes, such as flat, convex, concave, portrait and S-shape.
  • Calibration and adjustment based on the projector’s internal image processor achieves minimal image degradation.
  • The colour, brightness, black level, uniformity and alignment of several projectors can be measured.


Applicable Panasonic projectors and software

  • Usable with the PT-DZ21K, PT-DZ13K and PT-DZ870 Series*** of Panasonic professional DLP projectors.
  • The Auto Screen Adjustment Upgrade Kit works as an upgraded function of the Geometry Manager Pro software. **


* Supporting cameras: D5200 (Nikon) or successor model.
** Updates of projector firmware and Geometry Manager Pro software are required.
     The Geometry Manager Pro software is included in the optional ET-UK20 upgrade kit.
     The PT-DZ10K is not compatible with ET-UK20.
*** The ET-CUK10 supports the PT-DZ21K/DS20K, PT-DZ13K/DS12K/DZ10K and PT-DZ870.

Specifications table

TypeAuto Screen Adjustment Upgrade Kit
RequirementGeometry Manager Pro Software ver.2.0 or later Projector's Firmware version PT-DZ21K/DS20K: ver.4.0 or later PT-DZ13K/DZ10K/DZ870: ver.3.0 or later
LensD5200/D5300 (Nikon)*2 w/ Normal Zoom: AF-S DX NIKKOR 18–55 mm f/3.5–5.6G VR Wide Zoom: AF-S DX NIKKOR 10–24 mm f/3.5–4.5G ED
ActivationGet the Activation code through 'PASS' System (One Activation code per projector)
OSWindows® 7: Ultimate (32 bit/64 bit), Professional (32 bit/64 bit), Home Premium (32 bit/64 bit) Windows® 8: Windows 8 Pro (32 bit/64 bit), Windows 8 (32 bit/64 bit) Windows® 8.1: Windows 8.1 Pro (32 bit/64 bit), Windows 8.1 (32 bit/64 bit) • Compatible with English, Japanese or Chinese language versions of the above operating systems. • Compatible with versions up to Microsoft Windows 7 SP1. • For a 64bit OS, this application runs on WOW64.
CPUClock speed of 1 GHz or higher
RAM2 GB or more

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