ET-DLE020 1-Chip DLP™ Projector Ultra Short Throw Zoom Lens


Zero Offset Ultra Short Throw Zoom Lens

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The World’s First* Ultra-Short-Throw Zoom Lens Fits Easily in Tight Exhibition Spaces

* As of February 2019. For 0.4:1 throw-ratio or less. According to internal research.

Superior Flexibility for Easy Installation

Conventional ultra-short-throw lenses demand accurate, time-consuming projector installation positioning with no margin for error. The ET-DLE020’s optical zoom, however, provides an installation margin of ±45 mm (±1.77˝) and easy image adjustment at a throw-ratio of 0.280:1, all with zero image offset. Combines with Panasonic laser projectors*1 to support Wide-range Vertical and Horizontal Lens-Shift, more than doubling movable shift area of comparable lenses, increasing installation flexibility, and expediting setup.

*1 Please refer to the specifications page to check projectors compatible with ET-DLE020.

*2 Value is for ceiling installations at WUXGA resolution. Lens-shift value will vary by model. Please see the Throw Distance Calculator for more information. For floor installations, up and right shift will be defined as a positive value. Down and left shift will be defined as a negative value.

Note: Graphic represents a 200-inch projection at WUXGA resolution.

High Reliability for Continuous Operation

The ET-DLE020 features an aspherical all-glass lens that’s heat- and scratch-resistant. Durable construction enhances reliability for long-term use, and when combined with our dust-resistant laser projectors*, assures consistently brilliant images under continuous operation.

* Please refer to the specifications page to check projectors compatible with ET-DLE020.

On-Axis Rear Projection

The ET-DLE020’s straight mirrorless design makes screen-centered projector installation possible in rear-projection applications.

Note: Hot spots may occur depending on the screen.

Zero Offset and Flexible Setup for Multi-Screen Projection

Install your Panasonic 1-Chip DLP™ laser projector on-ceiling and close to the wall for full top-to-bottom screen coverage with zero offset and minimal shadowing, even in low-ceiling applications. Zoom and wide-range V/H Lens Shift joins flexible edge-blending adjustment for multi-screen projection. 

Specifications table

Lens typeUltra-Short-Throw Zoom Lens
F Value2.0
Focal Length(f) 4.1-4.4 mm
Screen Size100-400 inches
Throw ratio | WUXGA0.280-0.299:1
Throw ratio | WXGA0.294–0.314:1
Throw ratio | XGA0.290–0.309:1
Lens-shift*1 | Vertical+50 % – -16 %

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