Fusing Art and Technology for Spectacular Results

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The dream of bringing art to the masses is now a reality. Works from our finest artists and painters can now be taken out from the galleries, transported to any location and recreated as incredible immersive spectacles.

As the desire for experiences grows, audiences can now walk among the works of the great Impressionists or see the close-up brushstrokes of Van Gogh in giant scale – all in the convenience of their home town.

Mona Lisa

Four reasons why Panasonic is your premier technology partner

Designed to meet all needs

Whether you need to bring art to life in a fixed installation or as part of a European tour, Panasonic has the right projector technology (3-Chip DLP/1-Chip DLP/3-LCD, with brightness up to 50,000 lumens, to match your creative vision, budget and installation time.

Best in class colour reproduction

Whether it's creating the largest immersive images or highlighting the smallest details, Panasonic’s focus on the most intense and realistic colours across its range of projector technologies, ensures audiences see exhibits as they were meant to be seen – without ever compromising on the reliability of the devices. Our 4K solutions show the finest levels of detail, without any visible pixels, for the most realistic and natural expressions.

Lenses for every situation

To ensure your artwork is always seen at its best. Panasonic has an incredibly wide range of specialist lenses, such as short throw, to enable the best possible viewing experience in any size or shape of room, with low ceilings or high. Using these types of lens, visitors are able to get right up close to the content without ever casting a shadow – ensuring the technology never distracts from the immersive experience. 

Maintenance free

The show must go on, so downtime isn’t an option. All Panasonic projectors come with a standard 3-year warranty or a guarantee of 20,000 hours of non-maintenance operation in normal mode – whichever comes first and customisable warranty plans for every situation. This means you can concentrate on delivering a great experience to your customers without having to worry about the technology.

Panasonic in Action: Success Stories

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