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Panasonic TOUGHBOOK supports climate-tolerant forest conversion of the Bavarian State Forests

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK and the Bavarian State Forests have a long-standing partnership. As part of Panasonic's Sustainability Initiative, the Mobile Solutions business unit is now supporting tree planting at the Rothenbuch forestry company, one of the 41 forestry operations of the Bavarian State Forests. Their goal is to convert the forest into more climate-tolerant mixed forests.

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Support for conversion to climate-resilient mixed forests

Based on the long-standing cooperation, Panasonic TOUGHBOOK and the Bavarian State Forests intend to plant 1,000 climate-resistant trees under the motto "TOUGH Trees" at the Rothenbuch forestry company, mainly from oaks native to the Spessart. In order to transform forests into more climate-resistant mixed forests, silver fir, larch, beech or Douglas fir are also planted in the Bavarian State Forests. 

On a long-term average, about 2,000 hectares of new crops are created annually in the Bavarian State Forests by actively planting or sowing young trees there, mainly in old stands. In total, this results in an annual conversion of around 7,000 hectares of pure coniferous stands into climate-tolerant mixed forest.

"Our foresters have relied on Panasonic's reliable hardware and world-class service for many years. Now we are happy about Panasonic's support in our project. Climate change is the major challenge for forestry," explains Volkmar Zankl, Deputy Operations Manager at the Rothenbuch forestry company. "Pure spruce stands in particular are endangered because spruces have a shallow root system. On the one hand, this makes them dependent on regular rainfall. On the other hand, the trees find less support in the ground during storms. Drought damage and large windthrows are the result. That's why the magic word is: forest conversion." To this end, climate-sensitive coniferous forests are being converted into resilient mixed forests in the Bavarian State Forests. The aim is to create stable and structurally rich forests that consist of at least 30% deciduous trees.

"Sustainability has always been part of our philosophy for our Mobile Solutions division: In addition to the longevity of our Toughbook devices, their repairability in the event of an emergency, remote maintenance services, accessory compatibility across several model generations, and multifunctionality through modular design have contributed to this. Of course, we also support Panasonic's global Green Impact environmental initiative to achieve our Net Zero target by 2030," says Kato Daichi, Head of Mobile Solutions Division at Panasonic Connect Europe. "But that's not enough for us. We are pursuing further projects for a more sustainable future. For example, the extension of our product life cycles with the "TOUGHBOOK Revive" project and, most recently, the support of the climate project of our long-standing customer Bayerische Staatsforsten. We are pleased that we were able to learn so many new things about our ecosystem at the Rothenbuch forester's lodge near our headquarters in Wiesbaden and that we can make a contribution to the climate-friendly transformation of the Bavarian state forests with our tree planting campaign."

Long-term cooperation and KWF-certified technology

Since 2008, the forestry staff of the Bavarian State Forests have been relying on the robust and durable Panasonic TOUGHBOOK hardware for their outdoor operations: from the TOUGHBOOK 19 Convertible to the TOUGHBOOK G1 tablet and, more recently, the latest TOUGHBOOK G2. The mobile devices, which are designed for harsh working environments, are the basis for digitized processes – for example, in wood data collection as part of the regular forest inventory. 

In addition to resistance, they offer the approximately 3,000 employees in daily use precise GPS reception and a sunlight-readable outdoor display for the entrepreneurial management of state forests. 

The high-performance Panasonic devices are certified by the KWF Board of Trustees for Forestry Work and Technology for their suitability for field service. A docking station also enables mobile use not only on the road in the forest, but also in the office, thus replacing desktop computers and reducing the need for technology.

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