Panasonic Connect Powers Guinness World Records™-Certified World’s Largest Permanent Projection Mapping Display

Panasonic AcroSign and Remotely Managed Service solutions enable cloud-controlled spatial production at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku.

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Wiesbaden, DE. 26th March 2024 – Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd. has announced that Panasonic’s projection system was chosen to power the world’s largest permanent projection mapping display at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku. Certified by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ as the largest architectural projection-mapped display (permanent), operation commenced on February 25, 2024. Going forward, the system will decorate the building with diverse content programming to revitalize the nighttime economy.

In recent years, adorning urban structures with projection-mapped content has become a popular way to enhance tourism value after dark. Now a familiar sight for foreign and domestic tourists, local people, and children, these attractions reflect the rising demand for immersive entertainment. As the emotive power of projected content continuously advances, a need for sophisticated visual equipment with greater expressive power has emerged. This has resulted in increasingly complex installation, adjustment, and management workflows, exacerbated by a shortage of specialist labor, hindering efficiency.

To address these challenges, Panasonic’s AcroSign digital signage solution was chosen to power the world’s largest permanent projection mapping display on the exterior of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, along with high-brightness Panasonic projectors and an immersive sound system. The projection mapping system, centrally managed by AcroSign, allows for cloud-based remote management and content updates. Panasonic’s Remote Managed Service also enables system status monitoring from off-site locations, contributing to streamlined management and maintenance.

Highlights of the Projection Mapping System

  • Leveraging AcroSign and Remotely Managed Service for cloud-based operation
    The AcroSign-based content management system allows personnel to manage and update the entertainment program without physically visiting the site. Additionally, Remotely Managed Service enables remote equipment status checks and live projection monitoring via camera, streamlining system monitoring, management, and maintenance.
  • Spectacular visuals from the world’s brightest[1] projectors with immersive sound
    Twenty Panasonic PT-RQ50Ks – the world’s brightest1 projector – and twenty PT-RZ34K projectors deliver clear, bright, and immersive visuals over a vast area. Synchronized audio from a RAMSA sound system further heightens the sense of immersion.
  • Projectors optimised for permanent outdoor applications
    Specially developed projector bodies feature enhanced dust, water, and vibration resistance to ensure stable and secure long-term operation in outdoor environments.

With the No.1 market share[2] in the high-brightness projector market in Japan, Panasonic aims to enhance experiential value by delivering overwhelming visual beauty, operational efficiency, and reliability. As part of our mission to “Create unseen worlds together,” Panasonic strives to be an invaluable partner, improving the overall experience in immersive media-based entertainment and event spaces.


[1] As of February 2024, according to Panasonic research, among projectors weighing 150 kg (330.69 lbs) or less (excluding lenses).
[2] No. 1 in sales value share in Japan among projectors with 5,000lm brightness or higher. Source: PMA.

About the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Certification

On February 25, 2024, the Panasonic-powered projection mapping display at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building was certified by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ as the largest architectural projection-mapped display (permanent). The projection area on the building’s facade, which covers 13,904.956 m2 and measures about 110m (360.89 ft) in width and 126 m (413.39 ft) in height, is illuminated by 40x Panasonic projectors, including 50,000lm and 30,500lm models.

About Panasonic Laser Projectors

Panasonic SOLID SHINE Laser projectors achieve a set lifespan of 20,000 hours[3] for the entire projector thanks to solid-state light sources and proprietary Panasonic technology. Their high performance surpasses lamp-based models in brightness and colour accuracy, meeting the need for long-term reliability, minimal maintenance, and reduced running costs. The light, compact design supports 360-degree installation in all directions. For more information, visit:

About AcroSign

Panasonic’s AcroSign digital signage solution is a visual and spatial production platform with comprehensive features. It enables content delivery to visual equipment by integrating external data, live streaming data, sensor data, and more. The AcroSign solution creates new value through Digital Transformation (DX) using visuals. AcroSign is currently available in Japan only.

About Remote Managed Service

Panasonic’s cloud-based Remote Managed Service includes Image Adjustment Service, which automatically corrects image misalignment during projector operation; Brightness Maintenance Service, which proposes optimal maintenance timing based on data analysis; and Monitoring Service, which supports real-time monitoring for faster response in the event of trouble. The solution reduces management workload and helps to realize high-quality video production. 


[3] At around 20,000 hours, light output will have decreased by approximately 50 %. Panasonic recommends a checkup at the point of purchase after about 20,000 hours. Light-source lifetime may be reduced depending on environmental conditions. Replacement of parts other than the light source may be required in a shorter period. Estimated maintenance time varies depending on the environment.

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