The P2 VARICAM series - revolutionizing cinema production workflow

The film-like expressiveness and superb image quality of Panasonic's "VARICAM" video camera, widely recognized in the film production industry, is now available in the advanced P2HD. In addition to picture quality and expression capability that set a new world standard, it now features a file-based, tapeless recording system, bringing workflow revolution and cost reduction. Introducing two P2 VARICAM models: AJ-HPX3700, providing full-pixel resolution and RGB4:4:4/10bit LOG output; and AJ-HPX2700, incorporating a full-rate (1-60 fps) variable frame feature.

Ecological benefits – thanks to solid-state technology, broadcasting can help conservation

Because P2 cards are reusable and moving parts are substantially reduced, P2HD is an environmentally-friendly technology. The wear-free and dropout-free memory card recording system does not need the tapes required by conventional VCRs. The memory card system reduces waste generated when the heads, tape drive mechanisms, etc., are replaced.

5 Years Warranty Program

Customers who register as users on the website will receive a extended warranty repair valid for up to three years.