For over 25 years, we’ve been solving some of the world’s biggest business challenges – across every industry. 

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Leading the rugged revolution since 1996

We created the first generation of tougher devices and the rugged device market itself. We’ve since established ourselves as number one in the category, and have maintained our position as Europe’s leading rugged laptop manufacturer ever since. 

The year was 1987. Panasonic had recently released its original notebook design (ODM), highlighting the need for professional-level rugged computing devices. Enhanced durability and reduced cost of ownership were key demands.

Plans were soon put in place for a purpose-built factory in Kobe, Japan. It would be responsible for producing rugged notebooks under the Panasonic name. And that’s how TOUGHBOOK was born. 

Now, with a product line-up that includes laptops, tablets and handheld devices, as well as a wide range of accessories, modular configuration options, and professional services, we’re proud to be your top choice for TOUGH technology. 

Helping you work smarter, not harder

It may be our technology that sets us apart from the competition. But it’s the hard-working people who use TOUGHBOOK each day – in the field, smart factories, warehouses and war zones – who give us purpose. Your challenges are ours and we celebrate your every success. 

Beyond hardware 

We’re always thinking of new ways to support our customers. From customised engineering and third-party software integration to exceeding your security, warranty and rapid replacement expectations, we pride ourselves on providing a full ecosystem of solutions and services. 

"We chose TOUGHBOOK devices as they are able to guarantee, over time, all the features we need to be operative in our production environments. "

Listening to the voice of our customers

From day one, we’ve built our reputation – and our success in the market – on the needs, objectives and requirements of our customers. By talking to them, planning with them and, most importantly, listening to them, we’ve equipped our TOUGHBOOK rugged mobile PCs and tablet with technology that’s uniquely designed to beat the access barriers encountered daily in a range of industries. 

Every form, feature and function of every notebook, tablet or handheld device is created specifically for purpose. Nothing is left to chance. Whatever challenges and conditions your mobile staff face in their daily job working lives, TOUGHBOOK has already been rigorously tested to withstand them, keeping your teams productive, efficient and profitable.

That’s why today, when people describe or discuss durable or rugged laptops, they simply say, ‘TOUGHBOOK’.


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