Remotely Managed Service


Remotely Managed Service (RMS) Unites Stakeholders in the Cloud to Secure Repeatable Entertainment Experiences

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Key features

Image Ajustment Service
Monitoring Service 
Brightness Maintenance Service

Image Adjustment Service

Maintain the quality of blended or stacked images with Image Adjustment Service1. When paired with a camera2, it automatically scans and corrects alignment abnormalities to a set schedule. The service minimizes callouts, providing a hassle-free solution for maintaining an optimal and repeatable visual experience in immersive environments.

Monitoring Service

Monitoring Service enables remote system and device checks via PC or mobile browser1, uploading data to the cloud and constructing device profiles for preventative maintenance. An alert system warns the operator if trouble occurs or is likely to occur, minimizing downtime, simplifying troubleshooting, and reducing the chance of interruptions.

Brightness Maintenance Service

Leveraging device history from the cloud-based Remote Maintenance Platform and brightness values measured by the projector, Brightness Maintenance Service1 designs a plan that balances the user's brightness requirements with their preferred maintenance timing, aligning servicing with other units in the fleet to reduce downtime and callout frequency.

Consistently Repeatable Image Quality

Image Adjustment Service' maintains blended or stacked images, using a camera' to detect alignment issues and performing adjustments

automatically to set schedule. It builds an adjustment database in the cloud to streamline the process. The service is particularly useful in immersive environments, where the repeatability of visual experiences is a top priority.

Maintenance Plans to Sustain Your Fleet

Brightness Maintenance Service' tailors proactive plans based on the environment, projector, and usage patterns. Leveraging device history and actual image brightness, Brightness Maintenance Service' proposes a maintenance schedule that balances the operator's brightness requirements with their preferred maintenance timing, aligned so that multiple units can be serviced at the same time.

Swift Support to Almost Any Location

Users can elect to have their system monitored by Panasonic's Central Monitoring Center' and request a phone call' from a Panasonic representative in the event of trouble. Other stakeholders, such as system integrators, service agents, or sales reps, can access RMS to expedite support on or off the site. RMS supports device connection via LAN or mobile networks, extending support to temporary or outdoor events.

1 Requires installation of appropriate software for Windows® PC. Service availability may depend on the country or region, and some services or service functions may require a paid license. Contact a Panasonic representative in your region for more information.

2 Compatible cameras comprise /OS GV-5890CP-C-HQ (LM3JC10MILM5JC10MILM8JC10MILM12JC10M) or Nikon 05200/D5300/D5500/D5600/D7500. Cameras are sold separately.

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