The Panasonic arc welding robot cell PERFORMARC H-frame is developed to meet requirements of various industry applications.

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The system design allows for the coverage of a wide range of different sized work components by utilizing twin workstation manipulation.

The cell comprises of the latest technically advanced Panasonic robot and welding components seamlessly integration into a system configuration for simple user-friendly control.

The torsion-free base frame design ensures accurate position location of the robot and work piece manipulation providing the capability to pick up and move the total system without any need of programming correction.

Panasonic's PerformArc H-Frame Arc Welding Robot Cell PA-H-Frame

Specifications table

Max. Work Piece (mm)Ø 1000 x 2600mm
Fixture Area (mm)Ø 1200 x 3000mm
Payload (each table) (kg)250 - 1000kg
Measurements (L x W x H)510 x 490 x 240cm
Mass (Weight)4300 / 4500 / 4800kg
Recommended robot typeTM-1800 / TL-2000

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