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Welcome to Creating the Supply Chain of Tomorrow, our new series from our customer experience center in Munich - the corporate brand center for Panasonic in Europe. With the vision for a connected society, the Panasonic Campus Munich serves as a base for communications and events, to engage with existing and future customers, journalists, and students. On about 6000 sqm we showcase a variety of innovative B2B solutions. From smart factory and manufacturing, logistics and warehousing as well as retail, together we create the future of supply chain.

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Of course, all Panasonic’s business-to-business solutions are here to touch and see. From manufacturing, smart factory including electro-mechanical components and systems, drives, and industrial robots through to pick-and-place machines for electronics manufacturing. Heading to supply chain solutions and optimization for logistics and warehousing, there are many solutions that support and enhance overall efficiency and tracebalility. In addition, it’s possible to get up close to solutions such as the range of rugged TOUGHBOOK mobile computing devices and professional broadcast and audio visual and collaboration technologies. They address business needs across a range of sectors such as manufacturing, the public sector, retail, media and entertainment, education, e-mobility, and smart living. Last, but not least, the latest innovative AI-software solutions are on show from Panasonic companies, such as Zetes and BlueYonder. 

Being inspired

When it comes to being inspired to innovate, the Customer Experience Centre (CXC) on the Panasonic Campus in Munich is our go-to place.

Smart Factory

More than SMT/THT/FATP, we provide turnkey solutions for your manufacturing challenges from our portfolio of best-in-class hardware and software products.

Part 2: Welcome to Smart Factory

We as Panasonic Factory Solutions are the global market leader for Electronic Manufacturing Equipment. As you can see we offer solutions not only for highly complex operations, but also for optimizing and streamlining the production processes from Screen Printing, different SMD placement machines, odd shape placer such as NPM-VF and guided manual assembly systems. 

Part 3: Explore the SMT Machine Line

Surface mount technology production, the process used to create the printed circuit boards that go into everything from cars to washing machines and our mobile phones, physically consists of a production line.

Part 4: Discover Asset Management

Besides a good planning and material management it is essential to know the status of the whole production equipment. With Asset Management our customers get the recent condition of the equipment based on the real usage and don´t rely on fixed maintenance cycles.

Part 5: Guided Manual Assembly

Even though many factories have a fully automatic SMD production, some assembly, inspection, testing & packing steps still need to be done manually within the production. The semi-automated solution "Guided Manual Assembly" helps to optimize manual processes. 

Part 6: Explore Material Management

The ability to control and optimise the just in time delivery of materials to the production process is one of the fundamental challenges for the future of automated manufacturing. All is about transparency. From the moment where the goods in our case electronic components are received in the factory, we manage the quantity and location of them and trace them, including the produced PCBs, until they are packed into boxes and ready to ship.

Robot & Welding

For more than 60 years, Panasonic is developing welding technology products and is nowadays worldwide present in robot welding application.

Part 7: Welcome to Robot & Welding

"Just weld it" as you can see in our Demo Room in Munich is the overall slogan for the Robot & Welding department. Especially these days, with a shortage of skilled human labor and demand issues, the robot and welding systems are in high demand in the general and automotive industry.

Part 8: Robotic Arch Welding

TAWERS stands for Arc Welding Robot System, a robot and controller combined with welding power source and servo wire feeder in one unit for all kinds of weld processes. Optimum welding processes are achieved by utilising an integrated inverter power source within the robot controller, meaning complete synergy within the common control system.

Part 9: Laser Welding LAPRISS

Traditionally metal parts, such as auto body panels, were welded by resistance welding, using electrical resistance or arc welding, using the discharge phenomena in the air. But with LAPRISS, Panasonic has created a more accurate welding solution. LAPRISS combines the various elements necessary for laser processing, such as robotic technology, the welding head and resonator, equipped with a state-of-the-art wavelength beam combining technology, to create the world’s first remote laser welding robot system armed with a 4kW Direct Diode Laser.

Logistics & Warehousing

Creating resilient supply chains. Sustainable, flexible and autonomous.

Part 10: Logistics & Warehousing

Getting the right product, in the right quantity, in the right condition, at the right place, at the right time, to the right customer, all at the right price! In our demo room, we showcase many different solutions - from inbound to intralogistics and outbound - supporting to fulfill the 7 rules of logistics.

Part 11: Image ID - Parcel Recognition

How are inbound processes managed nowadays? For sure, mostly digitalised.. But how? Usually an operator uses a mobile device for scanning… but is the pallet loaded correctly through the correct door? Our solution is able to read the required codes on the pallet while driving through the gate. We can directly verify if the pallet is intended for this destination and additionally, we have a photo-documented proof of the goods condition while the transfer of peril. 

Part 12: AI-supported Barcode Cameras

Since 1918, Panasonic is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and developer of AV technology and camera applications. The spin-off i-PRO offers a broad range of professional cameras for warehouses – advanced technologies such as analysis and security technology that uses deep learning to take advantage of innovations such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Part 13: Visual Sort Assist

The visual sort assist is one example among several solutions to optimize the material flow directly from the gate, the Inbound Logistics. During a standard manual sorting process, staff pick up packages coming along the line, read the location on the label, and then manually sort the boxes. This process is not only time-consuming but is also prone to error. Instead VSA scans and reads the barcode on the package, then simultaneously projects instructions clearly onto the package after an update with the ERP or warehouse management system. Staff no longer need to read the label; they simply move the parcel to the respective stack.

Part 14: Intelligent Warehouse Solution

Once packages have been sorted, the Intelligent Warehouse Solution (IWS) is an easy way to search for and track goods moving around the facility and in the warehouse.  Thanks to the camera and software technology, it will track a package throughout its journey with regular photo images and know when and where a parcel went missing or was damaged.  

Part 15: Intralogistics Material Management

A full turnkey, highly visible, and truly paperless Smart Material solution for warehouses and supports picking and replenishment. 
Traditional paper labeling provides simple visual instruction, but with minimal tracking and automation. RFID provides the tracking but fails to provide the visual instruction or two-way communication and verification necessary for workers. Only Logiscend combines these elements to form a powerful new paradigm - instruct + track + dynamic control - enabling smart manufacturing for an IoT world. 

Part 16: Voice Picking

The rugged handheld TOUGHBOOK N1 is used as part of a voice picking solution for the warehouse. It guides the warehouse worker around the facility with picking instructions and acknowledgments via a microphone and headset. Using these instructions, they will pick-up the items from the product boxes on the shelves and prepare the orders. 

Part 17: Volume Measurement

Other TOUGHBOOK devices, such as the G2 tablet, can be used with specialist applications for tasks such as automating volume measurement. Using the device camera and application, pallets and cages can be assessed in seconds and suggestions made for the most efficient loading and transport of the goods – saving time and maximising use of space to deliver valuable cost efficiencies. 

Part 18: Rugged Mobile Devices TOUGHBOOK

Devices like the TOUGHBOOK M1 tablet are also ideal companions for forklift operators. Easily mounted to the vehicle and simple to release and attach, these devices become essential tools for instructing forklift operators in real-time in a busy warehouse environment. A wide range of mounting accessories is available to attach to your existing devices. 

Part 19: Vacuum insulated cooling box VIXELL

VIXELL is a cold storage transportation solution, revolutionising the transportation of biopharmaceuticals and vaccines that require strict temperature controls. It is adaptable to various temperature zones from -75 °C to +25 °C and can be connected to IoT devices, which can monitor the internal conditions remotely – making it an efficient, reliable and sustainable solution for these industries. 


Welcome to the Smart Store!

Part 20: Electronic Shelf Labels

To drive efficiencies and manage stock effectively, the move to Electronic Shelf Labelling (ESL) is becoming an important step for retailers. Panasonic provides turnkey ESL solutions including interfacing and integrating to the existing IT infrastructure as well as a complete maintenance service. Here at the CXC, we have an innovative ESL demo station established where we research on better and more efficient ways to link pricing with other core management systems such as category management, inventory and forecasting. 

Part 21: Shopper Analytics

Our store here is equipped with cameras and sensors to provide insights into customer behavior and store operations. The analytics include age, gender, heat mapping, people counting, and face detection.This information can be analysed and used to optimise the shop floor – identifying hot spots that require better flow management, locating areas for promotional activity, and allocating staff where they are truly needed. Shop owners will also be able to adjust their merchandising fees, promotional locations and advertising based on key shelf locations reflected by the accurate data.

Part 22: Edge Technology

Many retailers today are struggling to hit the magic blend of providing an amazing customer experience whilst trying to manage the many disruptions taking place in their supply chain – especially when a high number of these processes are siloed and loosely coupled. Edge technology – which brings the opportunity to become the digital eyes, ears and hands at the point of activity – has not seen its full potential realised due to challenges with integration and making sense of the data. In Retail, one of the most significant customer touchpoints is the shelf in the store and today I am going to share with you how Blue Yonder and Panasonic can help your organisation maximise this interaction.

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