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System Product Collaboration


The CamBot.system is composed of a robotic arm, a control software and a remote controller

System Product Collaboration


Aston is a motion graphics creation, CG and playout system developed with the designers in mind, created from the ground up to be extremely user friendly so the operators can concentrate on creation rather than pure operation.

4K product line-up


Remote cameras enhance visual communication in a variety of applications ranging from online classes to online seminars. The AW-UE50/UE40 supports a compact design to blend in with the surroundings and operates very quietly to permit flexible use in any video shooting locations or conditions. The AW-UE50/UE40 offers high security and it is easy to install and operate for capturing stable images, so even people unfamiliar with video shooting or camera operation can utilize it. The excellent flexibility of the product simplifies wiring and operation. Linkage with online conference software or online application is possible, so online video streaming is easy to initiate. The AW-UE50/UE40 is a standard model perfect for people who want to utilize online video streaming more frequently or enhance the quality of online video streaming.

Control panels, CCU and Converter


Converter for remote camera systems

4K product line-up


4K PTZ Camera for an era of enhanced creativity and the pursuit of visual expression.

Batteries and Chargers


Battery for AG-DVX200 4K Camcorder and AJ-PX270 Handheld HD Broadcast Camcorder

Metadata Handling


The AJ-WM50 is the dual band, compact wireless module for P2HD and AG-DVX200 camera recorders. The WM50 dual band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) makes for a more reliable, stable connection to a network in various environments yet its compact size enables it to fit in the wireless module compartment of the P2HD cameras. 2.4GHz offers strong connection through obstacles and compatible with many devices whereas 5GHz offers stability from radio wave interference (Microwave, Bluetooth, etc).

P2HD Camera Recorders


The AJ-CX4000 is the latest addition to the 4K camcorder ‘CX Series’, which has been introduced to support UHD content acquisition for newsgathering operations, to stream live events, and for sports and documentary capture.

Remote Camera Accessories

Movicom Robyhead D1

RobyHead D1 is a classic Pan/Tilt solution for professional broadcasting, as well as for stationary use in studios, theatres, conference halls and stadiums.The head is specially designed to work with 4K cameras providing 4x3G SDI, 12G SDI and 2xFiber connections for the camera signals. The most typical payload for the head would be a box-size camera, but it has enough power to carry studio cameras and has connections for a prompter at the front. The head has a rigid and stylish carbon-fibre body and provides smooth and precise movements. An integrated power supply simplifies camera connections.RobyHead D1 may be controlled via IP or serial interface, so it can be easily integrated into studio infrastructure or outside broadcast venue and used in remote production.

Lenses for 1-Chip DLP


3.6-5.4:1 throw ratio (WUXGA)

Lenses for 1-Chip DLP


2.3-3.6:1 throw ratio (WUXGA) 

Lenses for 1-Chip DLP


1.3-1.9:1 throw ratio (WUXGA)