Driving next generation enterprise transformation with 5G in transport and logistics

The digital management of transport and logistics is growing constantly, particularly with the introduction of 5G new methodologies and levels are possible. The process of how goods get from the factory to the customer is being revolutionised through next-gen fleet management, asset tracking, dynamic rerouting and last-mile delivery. 


written by: Thorsten Lutz, EU Solution Architect, Panasonic TOUGHBOOK

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Private 5G is pushing the transport and logistics industry to the next level.

Today, private 5G networks are emerging as the connectivity technology of choice to drive next-generation enterprise transformation initiatives in transport and logistics, with unlimited potential. For those less familiar, private 5G networks are owned and operated by the private organisation that deploys it, delivering localised coverage within a specific area.

Private 5G offers high speed mobility with uninterrupted connectivity, real time communications and applications, flexibility without cables, and support for IoT devices and applications, all with enhanced security. 

It’s perfect for transport and logistics companies, as it enables seamless communication between vehicles, infrastructure, and traffic management systems. Private 5G connectivity also allows companies to take advantage of diagnostic data in real time, with digital dashboards and metrics that provide insights into issues around shipment data, staffing issues or warehouse capacity problems and so much more. In fact, the potential for private 5G use cases are practically endless. 

Enabling transport and logistics to remain digitally connected

We’ve been working in partnership with transportation, warehousing, and logistics organisations for over 20 years to deliver fit-for-purpose vehicle-mounted and handheld rugged mobile computing solutions. This enables warehouse and logistics managers and workers across the supply chain to be fully digitally connected, wherever they are, whatever the conditions.

Transport and logistics companies can mount our devices on a forklift, drop them on the dock, leave them out in the snow and the workforce will remain online and productive, regardless of how challenging the environment is.

Likewise, when coordinating large distribution operations, it’s vital that warehouse and cargo managers have continuous access to data. The right technology can streamline how they collect and share data, too. If there’s an issue with a shipment or even staffing, warehouse managers have effective solutions on hand to reassign jobs in real-time or reallocate drop-off points for cargo, making the best and most efficient use of available resources and space, minimising any delay to operations.

Challenges in the field

Transport and logistics organisations typically implement TOUGHBOOK devices when existing systems no longer meet their needs. This includes experiencing high failure rates in the field, connectivity issues, or difficulty in accessing critical applications and data in real-time. 

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK has developed a 5G private network architecture (5G Campus) offering from the ground up, bringing all the control and security our customers need while delivering the full capabilities of private 5G to organisations. Combined with ultra-rugged mobile devices, Panasonic TOUGHBOOK and private 5G networks can offer an ideal solution for the transport and logistics industry.

Future use cases are endless

For the transport and logistics industry, 5G lays the foundation for businesses to build for the future. With its ability to empower and optimise the transport and logistics industry, 5G private networks hold immense promise. Its potential to deliver greater autonomy for transport and logistics companies by providing more accurate real-time data will make it easier for assets to communicate with one another or even the infrastructure around them. 

5G also provides unprecedented reliability and low latency to seamlessly track real-time positions from vehicles on a sub-second basis to deliver richer mapping experiences like turn-by-turn navigation and vehicle position tracking. 

With private 5G networks, transport and logistics companies can now benefit from new technologies, secure additional revenue streams and maximise efficiencies – today and into the future. 

Panasonic Mobile Solutions are pioneers supporting the adoption of 5G private networks across Europe, combining the best of 5G network benefits with Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices built for 5GSA and the technical support required to keep operations running smoothly. 

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