Projection mapping sheds new light on established attractions

Events like The Monumental Tour can bring in more visitors and boost revenue

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Projection mapping sheds new light on established attractions

Events like The Monumental Tour can bring in more visitors and boost revenue

Entertainment is an expensive business. From live events to the latest experiences at theme parks to maintaining our iconic landmarks and visitor attractions, it all takes a huge investment. As a result, one of the major questions facing venues is to how to maximise visitor numbers and boost revenues.

Projection mapping is proving to be a major economic boost for these attractions’ operations. Through its ability to stage spectacular new attractions, locations can refresh their offering with immersive experiences and draw in new crowds. They can also extend their operating hours by adding evening shows. These can light up venues into the night and draw in additional ticket sales.

The Monumental Tour

A prime example has been the success of the Monumental Tour in France. This is bringing new visitors to the country’s most iconic architectural landmarks.

The spectacular nighttime sensory experience combines a show of light and creative projection mapping on historic landmark buildings and attractions such as lighthouses, castles and abbeys to the music of famous DJs and up-and-coming new acts.

The Monumental Tour is now in its fourth year. It is the concept of DJ and producer Michael Canitrot and Jérémie Bellot, founder ofAV-Extended.

Around 30 technicians work on each show. Their challenge is to create amazing stage designs in a very short set-up time at each venue. Due to the touring nature of the show and tight timescales, using powerful yet easy-to-set-up 3-Chip DLP projectors is an essential requirement.

Ahead of each event, the teams identify the projection area, position the projectors and calculate the focal lengths before installing the equipment. They then carry out mapping and blending with the projectors to cover the unique surfaces of each building.

“We need to make an impact by quickly creating amazing stage designs. Panasonic’s projectors and their excellent laser, contrast and focus features help us meet the challenge, which is as much technical as it is artistic,” explains Bellot.

The success of the projection mapping tour has brought in thousands of new visitors to France’s historical locations and attractions, often from a younger demographic. For instance, venues such as Phare Des Baleines, at Ile De Ré; and Mont Saint Michel in Normandy. Other sites include La Cité de L’Automobile Museum, in Mulhouse, and le Château de Pierrefonds.

Projection mapping spotlights attractions

One-off projection mapping spectaculars can also act as incredible marketing adverts for tourist destinations. The projection mapping onto London’s Buckingham Palace, as part of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, put a spotlight on the venue. This is worth millions in future tourist revenue as it was broadcast to people around the world.

Could your attraction do with a boost? Why not consider how projection mapping could bring new visitors and revenues to your location.

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