TOUGHBOOK secure takes military device configuration to new heights

Many rugged device manufacturers offer standard, one-size-fits-all solutions. However, the unique requirements of the defence sector means that these are not fit-for-purpose.


19th June 2024 

written by: Charlotte Langridge, Business Manager (Public Sector), Panasonic TOUGHBOOK

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Having access to customised ruggedised software and hardware that meets the exacting requirements of global defence forces is crucial in maximising return on investment for the defence sector – and reducing failure rates experienced with standard, non-rugged devices.

Existing custom solutions, such as the TOUGHBOOK 40 TACTICAL, designed specifically with roda computer’s expertise for use in military vehicles, is just one example of how we have gone the extra mile for the defence sector. 

Panasonic’s TOUGHBOOK Secure suite provides a range of bespoke services designed to enhance computing capabilities in defence – whilst protecting assets and data throughout the entirety of the device fleet’s lifecycle.

The importance of secure device configuration

Knowing the customer’s specific requirements and how the device will be utilised, and by which persona of defence user, is critical. TOUGHBOOK devices can be modified during the manufacturing process to provide a Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) computing solution tailored to the customer’s programme. This increases the security posture of both the device and the data, as well as improving discretion in the field for covert operational use.

This starts during the concept and pre-deployment consultation phase. Customers need to consider the device’s form factor and the performance, security, safety, and connectivity features they require. Here, the modularity of all TOUGHBOOK devices ensures that users can choose peripherals and components as per their requirements, such as smartcard and fingerprint readers. 

Defence customers don’t need to worry about how rugged TOUGHBOOK solutions are. All military-grade devices meet the strictest requirements for protection against drops, vibrations, sand, dust, rain, altitude, temperature extremes and more, certified to MIL-STD-810H standards.

Every parameter can be customised for military and defence teams, down to the finest detail. For example, when TOUGHBOOK devices need to be utilised in covert operations or vehicle or aircraft cockpits, LCD screens can be modified to offer greater control over screen dimming. This helps users to avoid detection by giving them full control over reflection and glare, as per the lighting conditions, and to ensure they are not dazzled.

Anything is possible with TOUGHBOOK Secure; no two devices are the same in defence! 

Secure Connectivity and Communication

Existing TOUGHBOOK devices enable users to disable all radio and display functions when using ‘Concealed Mode’. However, customers and prospects have been increasingly asking whether we can offer greater levels of security.

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK achieves this through the physical removal of connectivity and communication components, per customer requirements. If operating in hyper-sensitive environments, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity can be removed, providing users with complete peace of mind that threat actors cannot compromise any data by connecting an illicit third-party device.

Furthermore, all cameras and microphones can be removed from the TOUGHBOOK, ensuring that any images, video, or sound of the device’s surroundings cannot be accessed. For those users that need flexibility, these features can be disabled within the system’s BIOS, and subsequently reactivated by certified partners.

Superior data security

TOUGHBOOK devices can be equipped with NATO-approved secure drives or data-at-rest cryptography drives from global communications company, Viasat. This includes the Eclypt® Core encrypted internal Solid State Drive (SSD), certified for use in the UK for securing Top Secret information and all security levels below. 

TOUGHBOOK devices can also accommodate Viasat’s highly secure DARC SSD, offering military-grade 256-bit hardware encryption and enhanced security using two-factor authentication.


Specialist support and maintenance

Panasonic recognises that rugged devices deployed in the most challenging of environments need 24/7, 365-day end-to-end support, helping to maximise device uptime and efficiency. 

This is why it offers a full suite of defence-specific services, including secure configuration and deployment; vehicle technology and integration, maintenance and support; COTS and hardware engineering; supporting software; and enhancements to operational capabilities.

For defence organisations, ensuring that mission-critical data can be safely shared and accessed is critically important, irrespective of location or environment. TOUGHBOOK Secure provides a one-stop-shop for international defence partners to optimise military operations with Panasonic’s specialist mobile devices and end-to-end support before, during, and after deployments.

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