Panasonic laser projectors on board the Celebrity Edge

VIDELIO HMS equipped the Celebrity Edge on-board theatre with Panasonic projectors to create spectacular stage designs for all passengers to enjoy.

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Location: Saint-Nazaire

Product(s) supplied: PT-RZ21K


Celebrity Edge required ultra-high-performance stage design equipment to project onto motorised screens and overcome the ship's movements and vibrations.


Panasonic 20,000 lumen laser projectors were chosen for their ability to project sharp and vivid images in any circumstances.

"We opted for Panasonic PT-RZ21K video-projectors after careful consideration and they have met all of our expectations in full. The technical support provided by the Panasonic teams has been extremely important and has helped us achieve a great final outcome."

The Celebrity Edge is packed with audiovisual equipment on board

The Celebrity Edge, a cruise liner operated by the American company Celebrity Cruises, was constructed at the Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, France. This ship, which made its maiden voyage in December 2018, surpasses the expectations of cruise passengers with its innovative spaces, in particular the impressive Oculus on-board theatre.

VIDELIO HMS was in charge of the design and audiovisual integration on board the ship which is 306 metres long, 38 metres wide, weighs 129,000 tonnes and boasts a capacity of 2,900 people. They were appointed to select, install and comission the audio equipment on board the luxury cruise ship.

Transporting, integrating and installing audiovisual equipment inside this “floating building” proved to be very challenging.The project lasted two years and involved 70 professionals including (design consultants, buyers, logistics experts, engineers, installers, technicians, trainers and sales reps, etc.) in order to ensure full compliance with the ship's long list of specifications.

The Oculus theatre is the main source of entertainment on board the cruise liner

The VIDELIO HMS teams were tasked with creating a unique stage design within this exceptional environment. The stage is composed of four sections, one of which extends into the audience to enable performers to interact more with the passengers.

The theatre also features a platform which can rise more than two metres above the stage, two rotating staircases and a customised projection system. 16 Panasonic 20,000-lumens laser video-projectors were installedto project images onto 10 giant panoramic screens, 8of which are motorised and can move based on the required staging.

The PT-RZ21K video-projector boasts high brightness and is the most compact model in its class

The PT-RZ21K's ergonomics make it ideal for this type of projection work. It combines 3-Chip DLP™ technology with SOLID SHINE laser phosphor technology to produce exceptional image quality.

Weighing barely 49kg, it is also very light and easy to handle. The laser technology (laser diodes and phosphor wheels), especially designed by Panasonic, is combined with the 3-Chip DLP™ module to produce high brightness, extremely accurate colours and sharp contrast in large rooms. These properties were crucial to the project.

“I would recommend Panasonic on account of the human support they provide. Following the installation work, the technical engineer came on site to help with adjusting the video-projectors which is not something you find everywhere and is something we really value from Panasonic”, adds Marco Baldin, Sales Manager at VIDELIO HMS.

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Oculus theatre © Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises
Oculus theatre © Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises
Oculus theatre © Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises

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