ROSEN records and analyses sensitive pipeline measurement data worldwide with the TOUGHBOOK 40

Maximum reliability – that is the core requirement for mobile devices at ROSEN. Employees are deployed worldwide to inspect pipelines and related systems and have to reliably record and evaluate sensitive measurement data on site. To do this, they need robust, reliable devices with secure connectivity via very fast interfaces. The TOUGHBOOK 40 ultra-rugged 14” notebook from Panasonic offers both.


Customer: ROSEN Group

Location: Switzerland

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In addition to being able to withstand adverse weather conditions during outdoor use, reliable connectivity and secure processing of large amounts of data are the prerequisites for successful global inspections at ROSEN.



The ultra-rugged TOUGHBOOK 40 works very reliably and records large amounts of data thanks to fast, wired high-speed interfaces and its high-performance processor platform ensures fast data analysis. It also scores points with employees because it is easy to use and impresses with its long service life.

The ROSEN Group, headquartered in Stans, Switzerland, specialises in the development, manufacture and use of inspection devices for pipelines and other complex technical systems to protect people and the environment. Areas of work include the inspection of pipelines, industrial facilities and systems such as tank facilities, pressure vessels, refineries, wind turbines, trains and tankers. For worldwide operations, the ROSEN Technology and Research Center (RTRC), ROSEN Group's technology pool, provides suitable mobile devices for the demanding local requirements.

The RTRC already had very good experience with Panasonic rugged notebooks, namely  the TOUGHBOOK 31 and 33 series, procured between 2015 and 2018. These devices are still in use today in their second phase of life, used for inspecting tank farms.

Last year, the RTRC decided to purchase several hundred new Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices for a second time. These are specifically used to support pipeline inspections.

This paved the way for ROSEN to evaluate new, powerful and extremely rugged notebooks; and the TOUGHBOOK 40 from Panasonic was chosen from two providers in the final round.

Robust, quickly available and with the highest level of connectivity

ROSEN's selection criteria for the mobile devices were quick availability and a platform with high processor performance and large data storage. The most important application criteria were reliability and connectivity. ROSEN needs very fast interfaces for the large data volumes.

Other crucial requirements were investment security and long-term availability of the devices, as the existing fleet will be renewed on a rolling basis over the next few years. In addition to the longevity of the devices, the proven ruggedness of the notebooks for international use under adverse climatic conditions was also an essential prerequisite.

Here the TOUGHBOOK 40 impressed with top marks. It also stood out with a high level of user acceptance thanks to its ease of use and very good visibility thanks to its 14" large, outdoor-suitable display, which remains easy to read in any weather situation. It has a Full HD TFT LCD and  capacitive touchscreen with a brightness of 1,200 cd/m².

"The positive feedback from our field employees during the pilot was a decisive factor in our choice. The TOUGHBOOK 40 is extremely reliable and easy to use. Our employees really appreciate the new devices because they can rely 100 percent on their Panasonic TOUGHBOOK and can optimally perform all work tasks. "

Large amounts of data securely under control

The data generated by the ROSEN inspection robots is recorded and evaluated reliably and with high performance. The large amount of data requires a fast, wired high-speed interface, which the TOUGHBOOK 40 offers as standard. Since inspections are also carried out on critical infrastructure (KRITIS), data security also plays a crucial role.

"During our worldwide inspection operations, very large amounts of sensor data are generated during the tests. This must be processed on-site. Loss of data would result in another test run and enormous costs. With the TOUGHBOOK 40 we are on the safe side in every respect. "

A notebook without compromise that supports further digitalisation

The TOUGHBOOK 40 fits seamlessly into ROSEN's corporate IT infrastructure. Featuring a magnesium chassis and flexible configurations, the Windows 11 Pro device is the most versatile 14-inch TOUGHBOOK ever built without compromising on durability. It offers the perfect balance between weight and robustness with an IP66 protected design.

The TOUGHBOOK 40 is also outstanding when it comes to flexibility: With its modular design, it offers a wide range of configuration options and can therefore be adapted to the respective tasks - even when on-the-go during inspection operations.

"This TOUGHBOOK combines reliability and user-friendliness: it is extremely robust and therefore fail-safe and is also comfortable to use."

To date, ROSEN has already deployed over 260 of these rugged notebooks. As planned, the entire inventory will gradually expandto around 800 TOUGHBOOK devices from Panasonic.

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