67% of European manufacturers have prioritised digital transformation and are accelerating their efforts.

Bracknell, UK. 22nd June 2021 – Despite the challenging past year, a new study indicates that digital transformation has become more of a priority for 67% of manufacturers across Europe. The research, commissioned by Panasonic and undertaken by industry experts Aberdeen, showed organisations have recognised the importance of using technology to improve time-to-market, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and advance innovation, and are accelerating their efforts.

The top five Pressures to Improve Operations were:

Increasing pace of innovation / changing business models – 34%.
Customers demand competitive differentiation with higher quality – 34%
Need to reduce costs – 31%
Improve ability / flexibility to respond to business demands – 30%
Need to shift manufacturing and sourcing due to supply changes – 30%

In the study, “Process Optimisation in Manufacturing: The Key to Best-In-Class Success”, Aberdeen defines Best-in-Class manufacturers by their ability to develop the most complex products at the fastest rate and at a reasonable cost. They are the Top 20% of manufacturers and they are ahead of the others in their percentage of products that meet revenue targets, percentage of complete and on-time shipments and their year-on-year ability to decrease manufacturing cycle times.

The results for these top manufacturers were impressive. Aberdeen was able to quantify that Best-in-Class manufacturers:

Generate 31% more New Product Introductions that meet production targets.
Realise a 2.4 times greater year-on-year decrease in production downtime.
See a 1.4 times greater year-on-year decrease in time to decision.
Report 37% more products meeting quality targets upon design release.
Experience a 34% increase in year-on-year Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

“As this study shows, digital transformation is just the start of the journey towards realising the smart factory,” said Edin Osmanovic, at Panasonic Business & Industry Solutions. “It is a prerequisite to enhance process optimisation that delivers increased benefits and enables businesses in the sector to become Best-In-Class. Those organisations are using technology as an enabler to innovate and to drive efficiencies to cut costs while maintaining quality.”

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