Highly flexible camera track system by Waterbird


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Key features

Easy setup and compact transportation
Customizable shape can be adapted to every production
Supports the integration with RP150: rocker, joystick and presets
Quiet and smooth motion
Speed (IRIS) and ramp (FOCUS) controls for live operation

PanaTrack by Waterbird

Highly flexible camera track system

PanaTrack is a bendable camera slider that enables fast conversion from linear to curved camera tracks with one device. Within seconds the system can be changed from a linear to a curved slider at any desired radius.

Specifications table

SpeedUp to 1.4 m/sec (4.5 fps)
Minimum track length2m
Track lengthUp to 50m


Events, Music Concerts, Corporate, Conference, even Cinema and TV shows, fitting low-budget projects.

How long does it take to set up PanaTrack?

Curved or straight, all up to you.