Electrical turntable

The Pansonic arc welding robot cell PERFORMARC ET (Electrical Turntable) is a modular concept, developed using standard reliable Panasonic components.

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The Panasonic standard cell is available in the following specifications:

  • PERFORMARC ET-XL (large work envelope)
  • PERFORMARC ET-XXL (extra-large work envelope)
  • PERFORMARC ET-2PD (with 2 external axes PanaDice)
  • PERFORMARC ET-2PD-XL (with 2 external axes PanaDice and large work envelope)
  • PERFORMARC ET-2DK-250 (with 2 tilt and turn positioners)
  • PERFORMARC ET-2DK-500 (with 2 tilt and turn positioners)
Basic Systems 
Other dimensions on request
Work Table (mm)500 x 500mm500 x 500mm500 x 500mm    
Jig area  (mm)1000 x 600mm1100 x 600mm

1.900 x 850mm

Ø 800 x 1250mmØ 800 x 1400mmØ 800 x 800mmØ 1300 x 600mm
Payload per side (kg)500g500kg500kg250kg250/500/1000kg250kg500kg
Measurements (L x W x H) (cm)

510 x 230 x 250cm

550 x 260 x 250cm

580 x 310 x 230cm580 x 310 x 250cm650 x 360 x 250cm580 x 310 x 230cm620 x 350 x 230cm
Weight (kg)3.500kg3.800kg3.900kg4300kg5.200kg3.900kg5.500kg

Performarc ET Line Up

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PerformArc Electrical Table - PA ET 2PD