TAWERS - The Arc Welding Robot System

Robot and controller combined with welding power source and servo wire feeder in one unit.

All from one manufacturer

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Robot and controller fused with welding power source and servo wire feeder to one unit. Faster, better and worldwide unique. All from one manufacturer that pays off. 

TAWERS offers all these welding processes:

  • SP-MAG
  • Hyper DIP Pulse (HD-Pulse)
  • MAG-Heat
  • MIG Synchron Pulse
  • S-AWP Super Active Wire Process 
  • S-AWP Heat Balance Control (HBC)
  • S-AWP Aluminum Process
  • S-AWP Pulse Stitch Welding Function
  • S-AWP Pulse Mix Welding Function
  • S-AWP Zinc-Coated Steel (S-Zi-Tech)
  • S-AWP High Power (HP)
  • S-AWP Braze
  • Spiral Weaving Function
  • Tandem Welding Function
  • Synchronous Weaving Low-Pulse
  • Zinc-Coated Steel (Zi-tech)
  • TIG software
  • TIG Filler Stitch Welding Function
  • Thick Plate Welding

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