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Software-Driven Hardware Evolution in Supply Chain Management

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Collaborative approach with our customers & partners

Iterate, innovate, and succeed in real-world industry environments: Closely cooperating with our subsidiary Blue Yonder, using the extending competency and market presence of the leading Supply Chain software company and amplifying it with

  • knowledge in manufacturing AV products, mobile devices as well as sensors and
  • applied expertise in automation systems, robotics or computer vision trends

To develop the next generation of edge devices software drives hardware, empowered by 100 years of B2B know-how and created to strive in a world of SaaS, cloud applications and AI.

But the main ingredient: The solutions are tested, implemented and constantly improved in close cooperation with customers at their sites, in a real industry environment. Think big, act first, fail fast. And repeat until success.

Our Mission

Leading the Transformation of Panasonic Connect into a solution provider for the Supply Chain – from manufacturing to retail.

Technologies & Experts

We specialize in cutting-edge technology and expert solutions dedicated to driving efficiency and innovation across various industries.

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AI (Artificial Intelligence)

We employ optimization technology to swiftly determine the best solution amidst various constraints and options, utilizing mathematical modeling. Our ongoing research aims to expedite this intricate process.

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Our focus lies in developing cost-effective robotics solutions, streamlining both initial introduction and ongoing operation and maintenance. Leveraging control information, users can manage their systems efficiently, accelerating the implementation of robotic systems while optimizing cost-effectiveness.

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We are advancing sensing technology for real-time analysis of worker and object movements to enhance efficiency in inventory management, workflow optimization, and spatial data digitization. Concurrently, we research biometric authentication methods to explore multimodal authentication to improve security.

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By applying the various simulation technologies that we have accumulated so far, we are conducting research on digital twin technology that can efficiently optimize the site by reproducing the behavior and work space that occurs at the site in the virtual space.

Enhanced retail experience with connected signage

Discover how we harness the power of AI-generated messages by leveraging sensor data—from cameras to weather and store temperature - to dynamically generate captivating content that brings your store to life. This approach, known as connected signage, simplifies message creation and injects dynamism into your retail space. 

Developing B2B Mobile Applications

Dive into the world of cutting-edge technology with Panasonic's software suite for streamlined development and device management.

Vixell - The Ultimate Vacuum Insulated Cooling Box

Ensure the safe and consistent transportation of pharmaceuticals and vaccines with the VIXELL Vacuum Insulated Cooling Box. Designed specifically to meet the rigorous demands of cold chain transportation, VIXELL is ideal for biopharmaceuticals, investigational drugs, and vaccines requiring strict temperature controls.

Realised Concepts & Case Studies

Discover our innovative supply chain solutions through realised concepts and case studies. Explore how our advanced technologies and expert strategies have optimized workflows, enhanced efficiency, and delivered measurable results across diverse industries.

Explore our Solutions

At Panasonic Campus Munich

Experience the connected Panasonic portfolio of Supply Chain Solutions at one location: The Panasonic Campus Munich. Discover firsthand how our solutions are applied in the very forefront of manufacturing, logistics and retail.

Linking back over 100 years.

How do we know so much about supply chains? Because we’ve been making products, creating technology and solving problems for over 100 years. Today, you’ll find our solutions across more than 500 manufacturing sites – which means we not only understand supply chains, we’ve created much of the technology that makes them work more efficiently and more cost-effectively. 

Right now, your own supply chain is probably facing the same issues as those of your competitors. Too few personnel. Too much pressure to increase efficiency while reducing cost. Customers and stakeholders who expect you to be environmentally responsible. 

To keep ahead of them, Panasonic Connect allows you combine what you have now, with what you need to go forward. We’re here to help you balance technology with people, to create effective, resilient supply chains.

Where our expertise connects with yours.

Better production quality, uninterrupted delivery, enhanced customer experience – whatever result you’re looking for from improvements to your supply chain, Panasonic has the experience, expertise and people to help you achieve it, in three main areas. 

Manufacturing supply chains.

Maximising productivity while minimising operating expenses and waste – it’s every company’s dream. By helping you make Industry 4.0 a reality, Panasonic Connect makes that possible. 

Logistics supply chains.

With your customers demanding higher delivery volumes at a lower price, we make it our job to help you deliver with speed, accuracy and right-first-time performance. 

Retail supply chains.

From increasing your standards of customer service to reducing human error, our retail technology solutions are designed to allow you to manage your supply chain more effectively.

Gemba Process Innovation.

The Japanese word, Gemba translates, literally, to ‘the actual place.’ For your business, that means the site where value is created or where issues must be resolved. The Panasonic Gemba Process Innovation teams’ expertise is in recognising and understanding your challenges, then working with you and your people to re-evaluate each area where core operations occur. They will then connect the ‘physical’ with the ‘digital’, helping people and technology to come together, to continuously improve your processes and outputs. Vital when you’re being asked to deliver more, with fewer resources.

Helping you reach your sustainability targets.

From fewer truck journeys for logistics companies, to energy saving solutions on factory floors. There are many obvious ways Panasonic Supply Chain Solutions can lower your environmental impact. But there are some surprising methods too. Innovations such as our Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) not only eliminate pricing errors by retail staff, they also dramatically lower retailers’ dependency on paper labels. Find out more about the different ways Panasonic can help you take sustainability seriously and improve your green credentials.

Other industries we work in.

Our wide-ranging solutions go beyond the supply chain. By combining the knowledge we have across sectors and technologies – from Broadcast and ProAV to Smart Factory – we have a unique ability to remove our customers’ pain points in a range of industries and help them achieve their goals. 

Explore our know-how, experience and expertise in:

Public Sector

In government, military and emergency services settings, the right technology is essential to successfully serve the public at large, and keep people safe.

Media & Entertainment

Creativity without boundries.

Go bigger. Brighter. Bolder. For entertainment that goes beyond the screen.


Putting video at the heart of engagement. 

How Panasonic is helping to transform the world of education and work with digital content sharing.

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