Gemba in Action

at Panasonic Campus Munich

Venturing into the realm of innovation and customer-centric solutions, Panasonic's Campus Munich stands as a hub to groundbreaking engineering and visionary planning. In an interview, I have shared my engineering point of view about the unique facets that define the heart of Panasonic's innovation hub.

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written by Yutaka Yamamoto, Manager Planning

A Space of Inspiration

The Campus Munich isn't your typical office space; it's a realm where architecture converges with ambiance to create an atmosphere that ignites the mind. The expansive high ceilings and open spaces foster an environment conducive to creativity and collaboration. It's a space that speaks volumes, inviting customers into a world where conversations spark and possibilities flourish. The campus serves as an inspiration base, broadening Panasonic's business horizons while exuding an overall atmosphere and vibrancy that captivates.

Engineering for Customer Success

As part of the Supply Chain solutions planning and engineering team, my daily routine is a dynamic blend of market exploration, partner scouting, and identifying new opportunities. Drawing on previous experience as a development engineer in Japan, the focus remains on creating and tailoring products based on customers' specific needs. At Campus Munich, my role extends to supporting planning, management tasks, future solution planning, and assisting with demo installations.

Behind the Gemba Wall

A Vision for Panasonic Connect

The Gemba Corner on the first floor stands as my personal favorite, adorned with the impressive Gemba Wall screen. This space shows Panasonic Connect's purpose and vision. The projection techniques employed create immersive experiences that vividly communicate our company's focus and future outlook.

Gemba, a Japanese term translating to "the actual place," encapsulates Panasonic Connect's philosophy of Process Innovation. It's about being physically present where customer issues surface, comprehending their pain points, and collaboratively strategizing solutions. It's not just about selling a product; it's about real-world consulting, addressing bottlenecks, and proposing comprehensive solutions that enhance operational fluidity.

Creating Demos

My motivation lies in curating and enhancing demos that showcase solutions tailored to market pain points. The Campus Munich acts as a unified showroom, collaborating with other Panasonic entities and companies to create a holistic display of Panasonic's capabilities. The thrill lies in crafting new showcases that deliver a value to visitors.

Tokyo vs. Munich

Contrasting Panasonic's Experience Centers

Drawing parallels between Panasonic's Experience Center in Tokyo and Campus Munich reveals similarities in ambiance, customer engagement, and seminar room setups. However, while Tokyo's focus leans towards supply chain solutions and research, Munich's center delves deeper into IoT modules and embedded vibes, shaping a distinct yet equally valuable experience.

Customer Engagements

The most exhilarating moments for me come during customer visits. Witnessing visitors' minds open up once the tour starts, engaging in discussions about products, future plans, and potential applications is a rewarding experience. The dynamic nature of the Campus Munich has the power to transform mindsets, sparking imagination, and fostering connections between Panasonic and its customers.

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