Why mobile device customers make the best (and toughest) critics

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Voice of the customer (VoC) isn’t a new concept. In fact, Panasonic founder Konosuke Matsushita was an early adopter of the philosophy that the customer should always come first. It’s one of the principles the company was founded on over 100 years ago. 

Our founder’s vision takes the idea that ‘the customer is always right’ to the next level, placing value on customers satisfaction, even above profits. But beyond that, providing customer happiness wherever possible. 

"Selling our products means not only convincing customers of the products' value, but also making them feel happy and secure. We therefore should think carefully about how to communicate and provide service. By working in this way, we can also gain pleasure beyond profit."

But how does that vision translate for today’s markets?

With more data and insight than ever before, we understand that customer happiness depends on more than delivering on-point communication, service, and quality. It means allowing our customers to become our biggest critics and trusted confidants. 

This means manufacturing has become much less one-sided, with constant back and forth iteration, feedback and conversation between business, buyer and end user. 

To prove that point, here are some lessons we couldn’t have learnt without the customers and users who continuously help us shape TOUGHBOOK: 

User-friendliness is a key differentiator

TOUGHBOOK customer ROSEN Group records and analyses sensitive pipeline measurement data worldwide with the TOUGHBOOK 40

Headquartered in Stans, Switzerland, the ROSEN Group specialises in the development, manufacture and use of inspection devices for pipelines and other complex technical systems to protect people and the environment. 

From the inspection of industrial facilities to pipelines and systems such as tank facilities, pressure vessels, refineries, wind turbines, trains and tankers, the ROSEN Technology and Research Centre (RTRC) sources suitable mobile devices that meet strict local requirements and the unique demands of their workforce.

Having previously procured hundreds of TOUGHBOOK notebooks (still in use for inspecting farm tanks), RTRC decided to purchase several hundred new Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices for a second time. It was vital that TOUGHBOOK had a fresh offering that met the changing demands of the market: TOUGHBOOK 40.

"This TOUGHBOOK combines reliability and user-friendliness: it is extremely robust and therefore fail-safe and is also comfortable to use."

Luckily, TOUGHBOOK 40 offers an excellent user experience and delivers secure connectivity that can handle large volumes of data – and at great speed. Plus, unrivalled flexibility thanks to its ground-breaking modular configuration options. 

"It’s difficult to see your own weaknesses. Even when you’re aware of them, correcting your own shortcomings is also difficult. But if your flaws are pointed out by others repeatedly, they will gradually be remedied."

A tailored fit makes all the difference

TOUGHBOOK was the ideal choice for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service’s mobile data terminals and demountable devices.

With an international airport, 10 unique districts, a major motorway network, and over 200 train and tram stations, Greater Manchester County presents operationally varied challenges. The region relies heavily on its fire service, which needs immediate access to the latest data and flexibility to manage a wide range of emergency situations. 

As well as a modern MDT, approved for use with the new Emergency Services Network, GMFRS was also keen to equip a rugged mobile computing device in the rear of 53 of its appliances with 4G connectivity.

After an extensive assessment and procurement process for hardware and software, GMFRS chose TOUGHBOOK 33 – a 2-in-1 detachable fully rugged notebook with two hot swappable batteries offers unrivalled flexibility and performance. It’s a popular option with fire and rescue services across the country. 

But TOUGHBOOK’s tailored approach sealed the deal – from partnering with 3tc and Maple Fleet Services to deploy the MODAS software suite to an identical installation solution that enabled seamless docking, power supply and ESN-ready Sure antennas in 93 different vehicles. 

A trusted partner values your feedback

Axira is a collective force of regional ambulance care organisations across the Netherlands, united by a shared vision of excellence and supported by TOUGHBOOK

This partnership began in 2011 when Axira took a leap of faith into the digital realm, bidding farewell to cumbersome paperwork and embracing the future with TOUGHBOOK CF-19. 

Fast-forward over 10 years later and Axira reached a pivotal leap in its innovation, looking to a new rugged sidekick for its everyday healthcare heroes: TOUGHBOOK FZ-G2.

Axira found their perfect match in TOUGHBOOK's rugged hardware, glove-compatible touchscreen, and the stable software environment that ensured a smooth transition and minimal disruptions.

With features like Bluetooth connectivity to defibrillators and ID scanning for patient identification, the TOUGHBOOK empowers Axira's teams to focus on what truly matters – saving lives. It was therefore essential that it was the ideal solution for their users. 

Luckily, we had years of feedback to help us work on reducing downtime, increasing uptime, and providing peace of mind to meet their challenges head-on. 


More reasons to smile

As well as being defined by VoC, TOUGHBOOK is also known for undergoing some of the toughest product testing in the market. 

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