Panasonic PTZ Cameras Enable Professional Cyclists And Athletes To Improve Performance

Cameras enable coaches to better analyse performance and make critical decisions that improve competition times.

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Wiesbaden, DE. 10th October 2023 – Panasonic Connect Europe’s AW-UE150 and AW-UE100 PTZ cameras have been selected by the research team at the IDLab at Ghent University-imec in Belgium, as part of a successful project that explores how video capture can be used to enhance performance over multiple laps at different speeds.

When trying to capture footage of athletes’ performances for analysis and training, coaches often lack robust cameras and the additional manpower and tools to create high-quality videos. Using Panasonic PTZ cameras, Ghent University can now automate the capture of high-speed performance footage.

Panasonic’s UE150 and UE100 PTZ cameras were chosen due to their adaptability and high level of control when being rotated horizontally and vertically, in addition to impressive focal distance and zoom. The UE100 features a direct drive motor that offers smooth pan and tilt movement, with installation flexibility, low noise and high-resolution image capture making it ideal for sports analysis. It also supports a wide variety of IP transmission protocols.

The UE150 supports very high-quality video production, and features impressive zoom, and wide shooting angles. This makes it a perfect accompaniment to the UE100 and ideal for sports environments, especially stadiums. Panasonic’s PTZ cameras can also be integrated with timing loop technology used in track cycling. This enables sports coaches to automatically capture video footage of the riders, without the need for a video operator.

Postdoctoral researcher, Maarten SlembrouckIDLab, Ghent University said: “Track cycling coaches tend to focus on what their athletes are doing ‘in the moment’. They often lack the time to capture videos of performances during training or at competitions, which would enable the athletes to learn and improve. Using Panasonic PTZ cameras, we were able to automate framing, and timing loops of track cyclists, while limiting the amount of work involved for the coaches and any technical staff.” 

"We found that Panasonic’s PTZ cameras had many advantages over other cameras we trialed, such as speed commands, a wide range of zoom capabilities and a highly reliable wired connection. Timing is crucial as you don't want to miss a vital frame because of poor connectivity."