Quick start and better than Full HD resolution from the Panasonic PT-LMZ460 and PT-TMZ400 Short Throw Lens Series

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Bracknell, UK. 10th May 2022 – Panasonic today announced two new series of LCD projectors using Panasonic’s SOLID SHINE laser light-source and designed for instant and engaging communication in the bright environments of school classrooms and business conference rooms. The Panasonic PT-LMZ460 Series offers the ability to start presenting instantly with Quick Startup enabling projection from standby in just one second. Alongside flexible use and better than Full HD resolution for sharp pictures, it also has a 1.2x zoom lens and brightness of up to 4,600lm at Native WUXGA. This enables the reproduction of images at their original aspect ratio while providing extra screen area when displaying webpages and spreadsheets. The short-throw Panasonic PT-TMZ400 Series, with up to 4,000lm brightness at WUXGA, can also serve as a cost-efficient entry solution for museum and signage applications. 

The refined optical design and efficient SOLID SHINE Laser light-source in both projector series reduces energy consumption, waste, and maintenance, making them an environmentally friendly investment. It extends light-source replacement to 20,000 hours, reduces the chance of projection interruption and maintains consistent brightness over long periods. Together with ECO Filter, which doesn’t need maintenance for up to 15,000 hours*, the SOLID SHINE Laser makes for easy projector management. The efficient optical design also cuts power consumption to just 280 W*. 

The projectors are designed for easy collaboration, such as with Panasonic’s PressIT presentation system, and sharing content with freely available apps or streaming content to a media player. System integration is seamless thanks to 4K input-signal compatibility. 

Weighing from just 4.5 kg (9.92 lbs)*, choose a model with 1.2x zoom lens (PT-LMZ460 Series) for extra flexibility, or with short-throw lens (PT-TMZ400 Series) to project an 80-inch image from just 83cm (32.68 inches), ideal for smaller rooms. Digital Zoom Extender allows existing ceiling mounts to be used even when they are located beyond the optical range of the lens and all models are installable at any angle through 360°. 

PT-LMZ460 Series and PT-TMZ400 Series LCD Projectors are set for release in September 2022. For more information visit: 

*Specification to be confirmed.

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