High brightness, robust and accurate touch display



Built for continuous 24/7 operation. Perfect for interactive digital signage in public places thanks to the ShadowSense multi-touch technology. 49", LCD IPS Panel, 700 cd/m2, ShadowSense multi-touch display.

Key features

49", 700cd/m², 24/7 Operation
10-point multi-touch interactive display using ShadowSense(TM) technology
The touch technology is immune to the ambient light and works even in bright environments.
Made with 4mm hardened safety glass, the touchscreens are durable and very tolerant of dirt and objects blocking the sensors
DIGITAL LINK connectivity
Capability Icon File : VSBD
Capability Icon File : VSBD
Screen Size55-inch (1387mm)49-inch (1232mm)42-inch (1064mm)
Brightness700 cd/m²700 cd/m²700 cd/m²
LCD PanelIPS/ E-LedIPS/ E-LedIPS/ E-Led
  • High touch accuracy
  • Fast response time
  • Robust and reliable
  • Easy to use

Extremely accurate and quick to respond

The LF80-SST series of interactive displays uses ShadowSense™ technology to give high touch accuracy and a fast response time. The technology uses sensors to detect an object’s shadow and work out its exact location. The displays can automatically detect and switch between input devices, like a fingertip, stylus or eraser, and they can even recognize and ignore accidental touches.

Reliability built in  

The LF80-SST screens are perfect for signage and displaying information in public places. Made with 4mm hardened safety glass, the touchscreens are durable and very tolerant of dirt and objects blocking the sensors. The screens are intended to work continuously, 24/7, and you can opt for early-warning software to alert you if abnormalities are detected.

Intuitive and user-friendly

The LF80-SST series is designed to be easy to use. The accurate touchscreen technology works even in bright environments, while the 700cd/m² brightness and the wide-angle provided by the IPS panel make the screens easy to read. The tough glass also gives a smooth, anti-glare surface that’s easy to draw and write on.

Flexible sizes

The touchscreens come in three different sizes: 42”, 49” and 55”. It’s possible to mount the screens in either portrait or landscape orientation, giving you the flexibility to create self-service kiosks and POS displays.

Easy installation and management

Using DIGITAL LINK makes it possible to transmit video, audio and control signals over a long distance (up to 150 m [492 ft] with a single LAN cable. This provides transmission of high-quality images and sounds, as well as remote control.

You can manage them remotely using your CMS app or Panasonic’s Multi Monitoring and Control Software. it’s easier to install updates and manage the screens, which in turn can lower costs.

Specifications table

Screen Size49-inch (1232 mm)
Panel TypeLCD IPS Panel/E-LED
Aspect Ratio16:9
Effective Display Area (W x H)1073 x 604 mm (42.2" x 23.8")
Number of Pixels (H x V)1920 x 1080 pixels
Brightness700 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio1300:1
Dynamic Contrast50000:1