Slimline External Blu-ray Writer

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Key features

Compact and lightweight external Blu-ray Writer
Slim design based on aluminium enclosure
Ideally suited for use with a notebook
Power provided by the USB port – Via USB Y cable or extra external power supply
Includes Nero Burn & Archive software *– easily create your own Blu-ray, DVD or CD archive


The Slimline External Blu-ray Writer (PCPE-FCDVR06) is compatible for TOUGHBOOK products.

Additional Specs:

  • Burn music videos directly onto audio CDs and try out features such as automated sound enhancement, audio filters, and other tools for impressive sound and design results
  • Fully compliant with MDISC™ archiving technology
  • Stores up to 100GB on a BDXL Disc / 8.5GB on a double layer DVD / up to 4.7GB on a standard DVD 

Specifications table

Dimensions146mm x 133mm x 11mm
Weight215 g
Warranty12 months
CompatibilityWindows products only

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