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Supporting Blue Yonder’s Micro-Services

Real-time data and intelligent insights are needed to quickly adapt and fulfill supply chain demands at accelerated speed. In addition to software needs, edge technologies support to complement processes and capabilities. Edge technologies benefit both the customers and frontline workers, making workflows seamless and efficient. 

We as Blue Yonder and Panasonic bundle respective expertise in AI and edge technologies to promote our united vision of the Smart Supply Chain of the future. Through a microservice-based model customers are able to begin their journeys, today. Discover our use cases and micro services: 

  • Luminate Merchandising Edge
  • Yard Management
  • Voice Picking
  • Order Management
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Luminate Merchandising Edge

The Smart Store

Determining the right price is key for retailers – especially in today’s world of unpredictable demand, crushing speed of market changes and unmanageable amounts of data. Retailers need the ability to use automated insights to understand what factors influence customer demand, as well as how to use that data to determine their pricing strategies. Blue Yonder’s Luminate Pricing Lifecycle, powered by AI/ML, understands the influencing factors and makes optimal pricing decisions across the product lifecycle.

The edge-connected shelf solution, Luminate Merchandising Edge, is the starting point of this Smart Store journey, and is unique in that it already consolidates the five individual microservices: electronic shelf labels, optimised shelf replenishment, out-of-stock detection, planogram compliance and dynamic pricing.

Combined Electronic Shelf Labels and Luminate Pricing Lifecycle solution offers retailers offer the most appropriate price while making price changes easier for their frontline workers.

Yard Management

Automated Work Processes

Yard Management, an intelligent SaaS solution, fully integrated with WMS and developed is used to monitor the movement of trailers in yard facilities to provide greater transparency whilst also enabling enhanced operational efficiencies through the automation of manual processes. The Yard Management solution extends and enhances yard capabilities while harnessing the power of AI and machine learning to unlock greater opportunities for greater efficiency and visibility in the yard.

The new service combines Panasonic edge technology with Blue Yonder’s AI-powered Warehouse Management and Transportation Management solutions. It allows for better utilization and management of yards including an open integration for third-party systems and partners and allows action-driven interactions with operations in the yard. The solution improves loading and unloading processes in a holistic flow from the moment a truck arrives at the gate. It covers automatic check in/out, yard mapping, trailer tracking and visibility as well as AI-supported optimized door utilization and yard traffic management. 

What we can deliver: A full turnkey solution from designing camera systems to setting-up the fully integrated systems within the customer’s IT infrastructure, including hardware and software provisioning, installation, project management and the after-sales service.

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Voice Picking

New level of hands-free operations

The Voice Picking App is a joint solution, with out-of-the-box integration with Blue Yonder Warehouse Management. Utilizing speech recognition and speech processing, users get a new level of efficient hands-free picking.

Operators are quickly familiar with the process as the screen assists. Unlimited virtual vocabulary and 25+ available languages ensure a fast training and onboarding. 

The Voice Picking Solution serves as an out of the box integration with Blue Yonder Warehouse Management Solution.

Order Management

Transforming the customer experience from browse to fulfillment

Trying to resolve today’s complex retail challenges is more difficult if retailers focus on siloed capabilities. Delivering a connected commerce experience from browse to fulfilment requires an optimised customer offer of localised assortment, cognitive inventory management and demand-aware pricing, delivered via an optimised operations network designed to lower the cost to serve. Blue Yonder’s Commerce and Order Management (OMS) microservice solutions redefine how commerce happens – delivering meaningful customer experiences and removing lengthy upgrades and technical obstacles that get in the way of business transformation.

To match with the popular option of curbside pick-up, temperature-sensitive smartlockers are ideal for heated food deliveries or chilled and frozen groceries. These smart lockers are completely integrable as a pick & collect option to your commerce solution or app.