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A 3D Technology Guide for Location Based Entertainment

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Reviving 3D: From Cinemas to Theme Parks - A Look at the Growing 3D Technology Market

Mention 3D and many of us will immediately think of the pioneering 3D movies where frighteners like the shark Jaws jumped out of the cinema screen to shock the audience. These initial experiences were fun at the time but the surprise of the repetitive effect quickly grew old and was tiring on the eyes. 

However, 3D has not faded away, far from it. In fact, the use of 3D technology has continued to develop with more powerful media servers and resolutions continuing to improve the experience. Use of the latest 3D techniques in blockbuster movies, such as Avatar 2, look set to revive 3D at the cinema but the other major focus for modern 3D is in the area of entertainment and theme parks.

The global 3D technology market is expected to reach €703 billion by 2030, up from €171 billion in 2020, and growing at a compound annual growth rate of 16.3%, according to Allied Market Research.

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