Case Study

Panasonic has equipped one of the largest conference hotels in the Czech Republic with audio-visual technology

Hotel NH Collection Olomouc Congress is one of the most modern and largest conference hotels in the Czech Republic. Thanks to the uniqueness of the interior and state of the art audio-visual equipment, it ranks among the top in Central Europe.

Case Study

Cartographie spectaculaire de l’artiste Refik Anadol sur la façade de la Casa Batlló

Les projecteurs Panasonic donnent vie à la façade de la Casa Batlló, avec la projection du mapping « Living Architecture » de l’artiste numérique Refik Anadol, une initiative en collaboration avec l’Association Aprenem Autisme et la Fondation Adana

Case Study


Les projecteurs Panasonic donnent vie à l'univers surréaliste du peintre Iván Tovar dans une exposition immersive.

Case Study

Immersive projection in the Temple of Brunello, a magical place in the heart of Montalcino

The Temple of Brunello is an immersive and emotional journey that leads the visitor to discover the territory where one of the most famous wines in the world is produced. In the Calix room of the Temple, the exposed stones of the walls become the 'screen' for a videomapping projection obtained with six Panasonic PT-RZ690 equipped with ultra short throw ET-DLE035 optics.

Case Study

Paramedics in Sweden make critical difference, using TOUGHBOOK

When every mission has the potential to mean life or death, you need tech that won’t let you down.

Case Study

La projection immersive calme les enfants pendant leurs scanners à l’hôpital suédois

Les projecteurs LCD et DLP Panasonic sont au cœur de cette solution innovante qui crée un environnement positif pour les patients et augmente ainsi le nombre d'examens pratiqués par jour.

Case Study

RTL2 television benefits from Panasonic KAIROS for their remote productions

State-of-the-art technology for software and CPU/GPU processing delivers exceptional efficiency, flexibility and scalability for live video productions

Case Study

IFM implements UHD VR Studio to produce and broadcast content – no matter the circumstances

ifm electronic GmbH in Essen, Germany, built a VR UHD TV Studio on their premises to be able to independently produce and broadcast their own content. The studio infrastructure is based on the combination of the ST 2110-based IT/IP-based video processing platform "KAIROS" from Panasonic, the studio production automation "CamBot" and the groundbreaking VR studio system "Reality".

Case Study

TOUGHBOOK A3 - Case Study - Makin

Machine control and Panasonic TOUGHBOOK are perfect partners on the construction site

Case Study

PT-RQ50K – Light spectacle in Basel

An outstanding event: 45 Panasonic high-performance projectors have transformed the Roche Tower into a unique work of art

Case Study

Panasonic helping Active Floor with interactive learning floors go global

High performing, reliable and cost effective Panasonic LCD projectors are at the heart of this innovative solution taking the education world by storm.

Case Study

24/7 reality show ‘The Bride’ powered by Panasonic cameras

“The Bride”, one of the most technical demanding reality shows produced by Antena 1 in Romania, is using Panasonic 4K PTZ cameras, 4K Live Switcher, P2 camcorders and professional displays to produce the show 24/7.

Case Study

University of Kassel utilises Panasonic education solutions to enrich its digital and hybrid learning

During the last years, the University of Kassel has broadened its digital learning technology and offers.They record lectures to offer them ‘on demand' for students not being able to attend classes in person, they livestream lectures and generally focus to enrich their ‘hybrid learning'.They keep a focus on balancing their on-demand and remote learning sessions with in-person lectures and classes.

Case Study

Creating a ‘gamers paradise’ with Panasonic PTZ cameras and robotic solutions

Since the summer of 2021, gamers in Paris have a place to go to give themselves over to their passion: Espot.

Case Study

Continental Automotive fait évoluer la chaîne d'approvisionnement

Panasonic a modernisé les processus de Continental Automotive dans le cadre de son évolution vers l'industrie 4.0. La solution d'ingénierie augmente l'efficacité et permet de gagner du temps en évitant d'effectuer des recherches.

Case Study

Thank you for the music

Stagecast and Panasonic bring Edinburgh International Festival concerts to life for viewers around the world.

Case Study

Content that brings virtual performers into real spaces, created using a FreeD*-compatible PTZ camera system ideal for AR video production

* FreeD is a widely used protocol for transmitting camera tracking information in AR/VR systems. The AW-UE150W/K and the AW-UE100W/K transmit the pan, tilt, zoom and focus information that are required for compositing with AR/VR.

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